Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2
Dejitaru Debiru Sāga
Abatāru Chūnā Tsū
Game Information
Developer Atlus
Publisher Atlus (JPN, US)
Ghostlight (EU)
Genre RPG
Platform PlayStation 2
Release Dates
Flag of Japan January 27, 2005
Flag of the United States October 3, 2005
PlayStation Network
June 10, 2014
Flag of Europe February 16, 2007

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2, known in Japan as Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2, is the direct sequel to Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, both for the PlayStation 2. In addition to an improved mantra grid, the game adds a "Karma Ring" system, allowing the player to increase character stats. By equipping these rings with gem stones found in the game the player can further increase a character's stats.

Digital Devil Saga 2 also adds in the 'berserk form', in which a character can enter a half-demonic state, transforming only a part of their body (typically their arm). They have more powerful abilities, but suffer from weakened defenses.


Directly following the events of the first game, Digital Devil Saga 2 focuses on the cast as they emerge from the Junkyard into the strange world promised as Nirvana. They find that the land has become uninhabitable due to the sun and the streets are lined with what appear to be human statues. Together, Serph, Argilla, Cielo, and Gale, as well as the newly introduced Roland seek to find answers for the existence of the Junkyard as well as the truth behind Nirvana.


  • Serph: Leader of the Embryon.
  • Argilla: The most human and caring of the Embryon.
  • Heat: Betrayer of the Embryon.
  • Cielo: Light-hearted and care-free.
  • Gale: Embryon's strategist, capable of quick computations and analysis.
  • Sera: Captured at the hands of the Karma Society.
  • Roland: Rebel leader of the Lokapola.


North American Boxart
Japanese Boxart
European Boxart
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European Collector's Edition Boxart

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