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Integral Soundtrack cover

The music of the Digital Devil Saga series is primarily composed by Shoji Meguro with a few tracks of the first game handled by Kenichi Tsuchiya. An individual soundtrack was first released for the first game in 2004, but it lacks most cut-scene pieces. The music of the second game was initially released as a "pack-in bonus" with the English version of the game itself. Eventually, an "Integral" version soundtrack which contains all tracks (including the missing cut-scene tracks of the first soundtrack) of both games was released in Japan in 2005.

Track listEdit

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar TunerEdit

1st no. Int no. Integral title Occurrence
11.01PrayOpening theme sung by Houko Kuwashima
1.02ChaosTitle screen
1.03Tribal War
1.04SeraphitaSera's appearance in the crater
1.06AssignmentInfiltration to Vanguards base
81.09Hideout Of The ChickensVanguards base
1.11The JunkyardWorld map
1.12Arms [KT]Shop
211.13Karma Terminal [KT]Save point
1.14AtmaAtma grid
1.15Be Fed Up
1.16Burning Stake
131.20Point136 [KT]Coordinate 136
1.21Pray -Sera's Prayer-
1.22Eat Them All
1.24Sonic Wave
1.25What's Your Name
141.26Steel Coffin [KT]Deserted Ship 1
151.27Steel Coffin - The Second Movement [KT]Deserted Ship 2
161.28River Of SamsaraSamsara Tunnels
171.29River Of Samsara - The Second MovementSamsara Tunnels (underwater)
181.30Sweet HomeBrutes base
1.31Solar Eclipse
1.35Too Late
191.36Spider's StringKarma Temple ground level
201.37Spider's String - The Second MovementKarma Temple tower
91.39Hunting FieldMaribel base 1
101.40Hunting Field - The Second MovementMaribel base 2
2.01Pray -A Cappella Version-
2.02Meow Meow
2.03Fire Ball
2.04Meat Ball
2.06Seismic Wave
112.07Man's TombSolid base 1
122.08Man's Tomb - The Second MovementSolid base 2
2.09BladeField hunt (Remix of Maken Sicily stage)
2.11Never Ending Rain
2.12Level Up
2.13Silver Fox
2.14What Is It To Live A LifeArgilla's scene
2.16Wolf's Pride
262.18HuntingNormal battle
2.19Hunting - Surprise RaidNormal battle (untransformed)
282.20Hunting – CompulsionMinor boss battle
292.21Hunting - ComradesMajor boss battle
302.22Hunting - Rare DevilOmoikane battle
232.23ReliefLevel up 1
242.24Big Battle - Prelude
272.25Big BattleMajor boss battle
232.27Pray -Instrumental Version-
2.28Lava Flow
2.30Techno Shaman
322.34Hari-Hara - The Second Movement
2.35Surely, Once Again...
2.36The Rain Stopped
  • Song titles of the first soundtrack are mostly identical to the Integral soundtrack.

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner 2Edit

2nd no. 2nd title Int no. Integral title Occurrence
3.01AliveOpening theme sung by Kayoko Momoda
2Om Mani Padme Hm3.02Om Mani Padme HmPrologue part 1
3.03The AtonementTitle screen and prologue part 2
3.04The End Of The JunkyardPrologue part 3
3.05Hide Out
8Backtracking3.06AmaravatiOccupied Sector 1
4Occupied Sector3.07Man HuntingOccupied Sector 2
3.08Road To SodomUnderwater Cable 1
3.09Road To Sodom - The Second MovementUnderwater Cable 2
3.12Has The Love Inside You Died?
9Internment Facility3.14Meeeeaaaat! Processing Plant
10Prison Break3.15Prisoner's NightmareChasing by warden
5Underground City3.16Underground CityTheme of Lokapala
11Karma City3.17Urban Area
3.18Scheme Of Betrayal
19Inherent Will3.19Inherent Will
13Heat's Theme3.21Heat
16Infiltration3.22Power Plant Dome
12Karma Society Tower3.23Tower Of Reunion
15EGG Facility3.24Egg Of The Universe
3.26DefeatGame over
3.28This Isn't Very Interesting EitherCielo's frustration
3.29Mad MartShop
3.30Karma TerminalSave point
3.31MantraMantra grid
18Karma4.02KarmaRoland's confession
4.04What Is It To Live A LifeArgilla's scene (remix of the namesake of the first game)
1Battle for Survival4.06Battle For SurvivalNormal battle
14Madness4.07MadnessBerserk Mode battle
21Hunting - Betrayal4.08HuntingMajor boss battle (remix of "Hunting" of the first game)
3Epic Battle4.09Heroic BattleMinor boss battle
4.10ReliefLevel up 2
4.11Level Up
4.12MemoryTruth of 5 years ago
4.13Let Him Go
22The Bell Tolls4.14No Regret
23Regret4.15RegretAngel's memory of David
20EGG Facility Revisited4.16Five Years Before
17Power Plant4.17Rest In Peace, My Friend
24Airport4.18One-Way Stairs
25The Sun4.19Nirvana
4.20To The Sun
26Enemies Reborn4.22Big BattleAsura boss battle (remix of "Big Battle" of the first game)
4.23Epic Battle - Prelude
7Heroic Battle4.24Epic BattleMajor boss battle
27Divine Identity4.25Brahman
28One Word4.27One WordEnlightenment
29The Rising Sun4.28The Rising SunEpilogue
30Om Mani Padme Hm - Rearrangement4.29Om Mani Padme Hm -Staff Roll Arrange-
  • Song titles of "Epic Battle" and "Heroic Battle" are notably reversed in the second (English) soundtrack and the Integral soundtrack.
  • Ending song "Time Capsule" is not included in any original soundtrack of the game.

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