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Polytheistic Alliance Leaders SMTIV Final

Leaders of the Divine Powers, Odin, Krishna, and Maitreya.

The Divine Powers (多神連合, Tashin Rengō)? is a group in Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse.


An organization of Gods fed up with the current universe ruled by the Creator YHVH who proclaims himself the true God, with humans and demons trapped in a eternal battle between Law and Chaos and with Lucifer unable to ultimately turn against his maker. The group works behind the scenes to guide the world towards their cause, only coming out in the open when Krishna is freed to lead them, with Odin and Maitreya acting as the leaders till his release.

The group seeks to make Flynn into Krishna's Kalki, taking him captive to be the organization's Godslayer before he can release Masakado. The forces of Law, Chaos, and the Hunter Association begin a ceasefire in order to unite against the forces of the Divine Powers. Deceased Gods are revived to be welcomed into their ranks, such as Medusa.

They offer Salvation to humanity by allowing them into the next universe they seek to create, which comes at the cost of a humans life so that their soul can reincarnate. The Maitreya Faction of the Ring of Gaea and other humans go to them, seeking a chance in a new world. The Divine Powers plan on forcing all humans to undergo Salvation regardless of their willingness too, with Shesha being the carrier of the souls.

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