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East Mikado SMTIV

View of Castle City from the Castle.

The Eastern Kingdom of Mikado (東のミカド国, Higashi no Mikado Koku)? is a country in Shin Megami Tensei IV.


Profile Edit


A kingdom founded 1500 years ago by King Aquila, it has been a kingdom at peace thanks to the Samurai. The current year is 1492 (Gregorian calendar). The nation is ruled by King Ahazuya Mikado, whose palace is situated in the very center of Castle City. The city is heavily fortified and features wide and decorated streets. Flynn, Isabeau, Jonathan, Walter, and Navarre are samurais from this country.

Caste systemEdit

The people of Eastern Mikado are divided by the caste system into the "Luxurors" (ラグジュアリーズ, Ragujuarīzu) and "Casualries" (カジュアリティーズ, Kajuaritīzu). Luxurors are the noble class and are wealthy and powerful. They live in the inner areas of Mikado Castle. Casualries on the other hand are the lower class and are the laborers and downtrodden. They live in the outer rim of Mikado Castle or villages beyond the capital and are looked down upon by the Luxurors.

Descendants of Eastern Mikado are obligated to succeed the family business, which renders the caste identity to be carried over generations. The only exception is for a Casualry to be enlisted into the Samurai, effectively changing the identity of the selected individual into a Luxuror. However, very rarely is a Casualry chosen for the role.

Casualry are not taught because of their role as the lower class and for this most don't know mystic script. With the Black Samurai's arrival they began to learn from the literature she gives, learning the script quickly. Sabbaths, large gatherings for discussion of the literature, are held throughout the villages beyond the capital as these books spread.

Etymology Edit

"Mikado" is straightly "imperial" (kanji: 帝) in Japanese language. "Kanto" (カントー) directly refers to Kantō region (関東地方) of Japan.

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