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Elemental Spells (精霊魔法, seirei mahō)? are a branch of offensive spells that appear in the Megami Tensei series. They usually cover the elements of Fire, Force, Ice, and Earth; with the elements of Wind, Electricity or Water occasionally appearing either alongside them or in place of one of them. Almighty Skills deal nonelemental damage.

In most titles, elemental spells serve as the primary offensive spells, though in Megami Ibunroku Persona, elemental spells are met and countered by Force Spells, made up of Nuclear, Gravity, Blast (which is made up of Force spells from the previous games) and Electricity.

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  • The suffix -dyne (ダイン) is actually the unit of force in physics. This suffix is being spelled as the Sanskrit style -dhain in the early version. (The Japanese version of Persona 2 contains the English romanization of magic spell card, but it has some misspelling, e.g. マハラギ - MAHA-AGI, the letter R is missing.)

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