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Embryon Base 2 is a minor location in Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner.


The Embryon relocate here after their primary headquarters in Muladhara is compromised by their enemies, the Solids, who kill many Embryons and kidnap their ward, Sera. After rescuing Sera from Bat and Mick the Slug atop Coordinate 136, Heat brings Sera here in order to protect her. While the other four leaders of the Embryon are luring Bat and the Brutes into a trap at the Deserted Ship, Heat's love for Sera begin to manifest itself obsessively. Shortly before the others return following the destruction of Bat in the ship, Heat forces a kiss from an unwilling Sera. The Embryon, reunited, learn of a possible alliance with Lupa, leader of the Wolves, and depart to Svadisthana to meet with him.

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