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The Empress Arcana (女帝?) is a recurring Arcana in the Persona series.


"The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
Celebrate life's grandeur...its brilliance...its magnificence...
—Nyx Avatar, Persona 3

In tarot readings, the Empress represents mothers, prosperity, creativity, sexuality, abundance, fertility, protection, and comfort (most often in helping maintain peace around them like an ideal mother would.)

Gameplay-wise, the Personas of the Empress Arcana are often Personas excelling in Ice-based attacks with healing powers also relatively common; they are usually important female figures, and many are queens and mother goddesses of some sort.

Within the Persona universe, the Empress Arcana often belongs to women of authority or wise and motherly figures.

Characters under this Arcana may also be cold-hearted in personality, but still present a high degree of care and concern towards others. And like queens, they are also very elegant in character.


List of PersonasEdit

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

The Empress Arcana is represented by Yukino Mayuzumi.

Persona Level
PSP Revelations
Vesta Vesta 6 (Initial Persona of Yukino Mayuzumi)
Mokosh Rain 15
Arianrhod Iron Bride 27
Brigid Brigit 36
Seioubo * Celes 44
Durga * Dorga 57 (Ultimate Persona of Yukino Mayuzumi)
Ishtar Ishtal 65
Kali * Kari 85

Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

Persona Level
Vesta 5 (Initial Persona of Yukino Mayuzumi)
Arianrhod 15
Nemesis 24
Seioubo 36
Durga 44 (Ultimate Persona of Yukino Mayuzumi)
Kali * 61
Gaia * 72

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Persona Level
Arianrhod 15
Nemesis 26
Seioubo 36
Rinok 48
Kali * 61
Gaia * 78

Persona 3Edit

The Empress Arcana Social Link is represented by SEES member Mitsuru Kirijo. The Protagonist can create the Social Link after the School Trip on November 21st. However, the Protagonist must also first max-out his "Academics" status and score the highest results on at least one exam.

The Empress Arcana powers up everytime the Protagonist interacts with Mitsuru, where the Protagonist helps Mitsuru to cope up with her father's death and the pressure and the responsibilities she has to face being the heir of the Kirijo Group. Upon completing the Social Link, Mitsuru will give the Protagonist her motorcycle key, bestowing the Ultimate Form of the Empress Arcana, Alilat, "the ancient goddess."

Mitsuru's alignment with The Empress Arcana is manifested through her mother-like and caring personality, as well as her excellence in leadership.

The Empress Arcana is also the Persona Arcana of Mitsuru Kirijo.

Persona Level
Penthesilea Initial Persona of Mitsuru Kirijo
Artemisia Ultimate Persona of Mitsuru Kirijo
Leanan Sidhe 33
Lakshmi 47
Hariti 57
Gabriel 62
Mother Harlot 69
Skadi 75
Alilat 84

FES / PortableEdit

The Empress Arcana remains relatively the same as Persona 3, however, an exclusive Persona, Yaksini was added in the Empress Arcana repertoire.

Persona Level
Penthesilea Initial Persona of Mitsuru Kirijo
Artemisia Ultimate Persona of Mitsuru Kirijo
Leanan Sidhe 33
Yaksini 50
Lakshmi 57
Hariti 62
Gabriel 69
Mother Harlot 74
Skadi 80
Alilat 84

Persona 4Edit

See also: Margaret

The Empress Arcana is represented by Margaret, a denizen of the Velvet Room and the assistant of Igor. The Empress Arcana Social Link is available to create after the Protagonist's 'Knowledge' characteristic reaches Lv. 3, 'Expert'.

The Empress Arcana Social Link stands in unique in comparison to other Social Links, as the Empress Arcana powers up every time the Protagonist completes Margaret's requests, which happens to be fusing specific Personas with specific skills. The Social Link interaction does not take up the whole day, which means as long as the Protagonist has the specific Persona Margaret requested, he can upgrade the Social Link as many times as he wishes; the entire Social Link can be accomplished in a single day.

Upon completing the Social Link, Margaret will give the Protagonist her Spiral Brooch, bestowing the Ultimate Form of the Empress Arcana, Isis.

Knowledge Rank 3 (Expert) is required to start this Social Link. Upon reaching it, visit the Velvet Room to unlock Rank 1 status (and with it, an automatic level up for any Empress Personas that are fused) and also receive Margaret's first request.

Persona Level
Senri 9
Yaksini 18
Titania 26
Gorgon 34
Gabriel 43
Skadi 52
Mother Harlot 61
Alilat 70
Isis 79

Persona 4 ArenaEdit

The Empress Arcana is once again represented by Mitsuru Kirijo and her Persona, Artemisia.

Persona Q: Shadow of the LabyrinthEdit

Persona Level
Penthesilea Mitsuru Kirijo's Initial Persona
Artemisia Mitsuru Kirijo's Ultimate Persona
Yaksini 11
Titania 19
Gorgon 30
Gabriel 42
Skadi 50
Mother Harlot 55
Lakshmi 65
Alilat 75

Persona 5Edit

The Empress Arcana is represented by the Confidant with Haru Okumura, which ranks up since October 30th as the protagonist interacts with her. This Confidant unlocks horticulture and various team member skills for Haru as it ranks up.

As the Confidant reaches maximum Haru's Persona, Milady, will transmogrify into Astarte. Completing the Empress Arcana Confidant will also bestow the ultimate form of the Arcana, Mother Harlot.

Persona Level
MiladyInitial Persona of Haru Okumura
AstarteUltimate Persona of Haru Okumura
Queen's Necklace15
Mother Harlot80

List of DemonsEdit

Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

Persona Level
Gaia 72

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Persona Level
Gaia 78

Card DesignsEdit

Empress IS
Persona 2
Persona 3 FES
P5 Empress arcana cooperation
Persona 5

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