The Fate System (縁システム, "Enishi System" in Japanese) in Devil Survivor 2 expresses the level of friendship you have with your fellow Demon users, similar to the Social Link system from Persona 3 and Persona 4. As this favor level increases, your allies will unlock new potential such as elemental resistances or new demons.


In the game there are six ranks a character can have, zero through five. Each rank grants a special bonus of some sort to that character.

  • Rank 1: The character gains resistance to one or more elements.
  • Rank 2: The protagonist and said character can perform joint Skill Crack. If either character is targeting a skill, both teams are capable of cracking that skill once its host enemy is defeated.
  • Rank 3: A special demon fusion formula is unlocked (see below).
  • Rank 4: The protagonist and said character are capable of perfomring SDTP (Summoned Demon Transfer Protocol), where a demon on one's team can be sent to the other in the midst of battle. If that demon enters an occupied slot, the previous demon is returned to the in-battle stock.
    • On the 7th Day, when the Demon Tamers split into factions vying for the right for an audience with Polaris, the protagonist can choose to try and convince defeated and surviving members to join his cause. Only characters with Fate Rank 4 or higher will join him, with the exception of Yamato and Ronaldo, who will not join opposing causes except in Daichi's route.
  • Rank 5: Another special demon fusion formula is unlocked (see below).
    • The player also earns the "Confidant" title for that character.

Fate ResistancesEdit

Character DeSu2 Physical Icon Phys DeSu2 Fire Icon Fire DeSu2 Ice Icon Ice DeSu2 Elec Icon Elec DeSu2 Force Icon Force Curse DESU2 Curse
Daichi Shijima -- Resist -- -- -- --
Io Nitta -- -- -- Resist -- --
Yuzuru "Joe" Akie -- -- -- -- Resist --
Keita Wakui -- Resist -- -- -- --
Hinako Kujou -- -- Resist -- -- --
Jungo Torii -- -- -- -- Resist --
Airi Ban -- -- -- Resist Resist --
Makoto Sako -- -- Resist -- -- --
Fumi Kanno -- -- Resist -- -- --
Otome Yanagiya -- -- -- Resist -- Resist
Yamato Hotsuin Resist -- -- -- -- --
Ronaldo Kuriki -- Resist -- -- -- --
Anguished One -- Resist -- Resist -- Null
Miyako Hotsuin -- Resist Resist -- -- --

Unlockable DemonsEdit

Character Rank 3 Level Rank 5 Level
Daichi Shijima Hanuman 33 Wu Kong 52
Io Nitta Hathor 31 Titania 58
Yuzuru "Joe" Akie Kamapua'a 32 Ukano Mitama 64
Keita Wakui Berserker 38 Susano-o 60
Hinako Kujou Peri 38 Isis 55
Jungo Torii Arahabaki 33 Oumitsunu 67
Airi Ban Xiezhai 37 Tao Tie 62
Makoto Sako Jeanne D'Arc 50 Pallas Athena 69
Fumi Kanno Odin 37 Agares 71
Otome Yanagiya Hariti 46 Amaterasu 77
Yamato Hotsuin Mithra 49 Baal 65
Ronaldo Kuriki Inti 45 Omoteotl 75
Anguished One Asura 77 Lucifer 99
Miyako Hotsuin Sandalphon 54 Kohryu 87

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