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Lee Fei Chao
Also known as... Fei Chao Lee
First Appearance Maken X
"A foreign student from Hong Kong and the private tutor of Kei. In fact, he is a Fukenshi entrusted with the mission to awake Maken and defeat Mr. Meteor. He is an elite Fukenshi, who passed the training at a young age."
—His profile, Maken Shao

Fei Chao Lee is an NPC from Maken X. He is Kay's tutor and entrusted to fuse his own Image to the Maken.





He first appears in the beginning of the story, introduced as Kei's tutor and revealed to be an elite Fukenshi tasked with awakening the Maken. After he does so, the Hakke Andrey breaks in and wreaks havoc. He sacrifices himself to save Kei, who was targetted by the Hakke's flying scalpels. In his dying moments, he implores Kei to take the Maken and rescue Chief Sagami.

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