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Illustration of the Fortune Arcana in Persona 3
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The Fortune Arcana (運命, Unmei), also known formally as the Wheel of Fortune (運命の輪, Unmei no Wa), is a recurring Arcana in the Persona series.


"The Arcana is the means by which all is revealed...
Alongside time exists fate, the bearer of cruelty.
—Nyx Avatar, Persona 3

Portrayed as a wheel with different animals wearing wealthy and beggarly clothes up and down the wheel, the Fortune Arcana symbolizes Fate and varying luck, fortunes and opportunities. What goes up will go down, what goes down will go up.

Gameplay-wise, the Personas of the Fortune Arcana is associated myth-figures related to Fate and Time, notable with the Norn Sisters, and specialize in Wind-based abilities.

Bearers of the Fortune Arcana are usually individuals who are aware of their fates, and attempt to seize their own destiny in spite of their seemingly-locked fates. Thus, they are typically involved with making important choices and decisions.

Appearances & PersonaEdit

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

Persona Level
Cerberus 40

Persona 2: Innocent SinEdit

The Fortune Tarot is represented by Jun Kurosu and his initial Persona, Hermes. If the right requirements are met, Jun can transfigure Hermes into his ultimate Persona, Chronos.

Persona Level
Hermes 42 (Initial Persona of Jun Kurosu)
Cerberus 51
Chronos 57 (Ultimate Persona of Jun Kurosu)
Urd 64
Verdandi 65
Skuld 66
Fenrir 70

Persona 2: Eternal PunishmentEdit

Persona Level
Cerberus 51
Urd 64
Verdandi 65
Skuld 66
Fenrir 70
Gyokukou Joutei 77

Persona 3Edit

The Fortune Arcana Social Link is represented by Keisuke Hiraga, a senior of the Protagonist in Gekkoukan High. The Social Link can be initiated when the Protagonist joins one of three culture clubs: Art Club, Music Club, or Photography Club.

The Fortune Arcana powers up every time the Protagonist interacts with Keisuke, where he helps him to understand what he truly wants and his conflicted feelings to choose between his hobby or his father's wishes. Upon completing the Social Link, Keisuke will give the Protagonist an Offer Letter for a scholarship, bestowing the Ultimate Form of the Fortune Arcana, Norn.

The Fortune Arcana is also the Persona Arcana of Takaya Sakaki, leader of Strega.

Persona Level
Hypnos Initial Persona of Takaya Sakaki
Fortuna 17
Kusi Mitama 23
Clotho 33
Lachesis 45
Atropos 54
Norn 62

Persona 3 FESEdit

The Fortune Arcana remains relatively the same as Persona 3, however, an exclusive Persona, Empusa was added in the Fortune Arcana repertoire.

Persona Level
Hypnos Initial Persona of Takaya Sakaki
Fortuna 17
Empusa 23
Kusi Mitama 29
Clotho 38
Lachesis 45
Atropos 54
Norn 62

Persona 3 PortableEdit

If the player chooses the Female Protagonist, Ryoji Mochizuki, the human form of Death, is the one to represent the Fortune Social Link.

Persona 4Edit

The Fortune Arcana Social Link is represented by Naoto Shirogane in Persona 4. The Social Link is available to be created after October 20, however, the Protagonist must first max-out his "Knowledge" and "Courage" status parameters before creating the Social Link.

The Social Link can be created after the Protagonist talks to a suspicious looking person in the North-side of the Shopping Street in Yaosinaba, where he obtains a letter to be sent to Naoto. After receiving the letter, the Protagonist must then return to Yasogami High School and speak to Naoto, initiating the Social Link. In the events of the Fortune Arcana Social Link, the Protagonist teams up with Naoto to investigate a challenge given to the Shirogane family by a "Phantom Thief".

Leveling the Fortune Arcana up to Lv. 3 allows Naoto to learn her distinct follow-up move, Ultra Trigger, where Naoto fires powerful shots with her gun upon all enemies with chances of inflicting 'Down' or 'Dizzy' status. However, the Protagonist must have struck down a target first.

Persona Level
Sukuna-Hikona Initial Persona of Naoto Shirogane
Yamato-Takeru Ultimate Persona of Naoto Shirogane
Fortuna 35
Clotho 44
Lachesis 54
Ananta 58
Atropos 65
Norn 72

Persona 4 ArenaEdit

The Fortune Arcana is represented by Naoto Shirogane, Labrys and her shadow.

Card DesignsEdit

Fortune IS
Persona 2
Persona 3, Persona 4

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