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Really pisses me off sometimes. Day 2 battle to save Midori and Keisuke and I keep getting my ass whipped by the first group of enemies.

MC (Lv.17), Thor (Lv.16), Kikimora (Lv.15)

Atsuro (Lv.16), Kikimora (Lv.14), Ubelleris (Lv.14)

Yuzu (Lv.16), Sarasvati (Lv.14), Jambavan (Lv.13)

Great Mara 08:50, February 4, 2010 (UTC)

It's really all about the weaknesses you posses and the strengths you can gain by fusing those weak demons. Use your defeat to help you analyze your foes weaknesses. :3

-Deadkid0 June 24, 2010 ~ 9:48 A.M

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