Forums: Index > Temple of Gaia > Does anyone notice the choice of demons for each alignment?

First off, the Law alignment.

Isn't the Law alignment about angels and God? Then how come there's only two clans for angels? The rest of the lawful clans consists of bird spirits, plant spirits (sometimes), and, guess what, more gods and goddesses, including the vanquised and reviled gods (a.k.a the Vile clan). In the original game, earth spirits were in this alignment. How come?

Next, the Chaos alignment.

Chaos is spreaheaded by fallen angels, devils, and Lucifer, right? But I've noticed plenty of Asian gods, destroyer gods, protector deities, Japanese deities, dragons, serpentine creatures, ghosts, and mother goddesses.

Finally, the neutral alignment.

I get why fairies and beasts are there. But what about the snakes and night demons?

GalaxiaWild 14:41, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

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