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I'm not confident in myself enough to do a Maniac Mode run yet, so I thought of the next best thing: handicapping myself! I've already got a couple ideas like using a team that doesn't work well together, and only picking one persona from every every arcana to use, and no ultimates. I'm allowing myself to keep personas in my team to gain exp from growth abilities to get Heart items or skill cards and for specific fusions. The team I've thought about using was Junpei, Koromaru and Aigis since it isn't well-advised to have team members that can only cover 1 element (and 1 death spell) who don't have much room to use magic to begin with, and a character who can't even use offensive magic.

I'd like to hear some advice on how to do worse and what you all think

There are several things you could do, and I'll leave a few so you can pick your poison. You could commit yourself to sleeping every two nights instead of raising stats i.e. You could also disallow the use of healing items. And I don't          know if you're playing 3, FES, or portable but if you're playing portable you could take control of your teammates, and make sure they don't use stat raising moves? To be perfectly honest, most of these unpractical handicaps will make the game more difficult and frustrating than maniac mode. Although it is somewhat difficult, it is balanced and fair, unlike my suggestions. In short I recommend just playing Maniac mode because it's not as meticulously difficult as it's made out to be. Genko-Arasaki 20:20, May 10, 2015 (UTC)
I agree with the not using buffs/debuffs. Personally, the party I would use for this would be Yukari, Aigis, and Akihiko. Reasons behind this being you have two characters sharing one weakness, and you lose 7 spell slots in your party (since you aren't going to be using the kaja/unda). The one persona per arcana is interesting, though another idea is one persona per checkpoint in tardaris. You can freely fuse as you wish, but only use the one persona in fights (growth for heart items). Equipment only from tartarus/monad chests. No items. No great condition. Should be challenging but doable. Tratnyr 4:21, May 26, 2015 (CTC)

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