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So here's something I found after reading a very interesting piece of trivia on the Chaos Hero page:

It seems to be a compilation of all the special cutscenes that were added to the PC Engine version of the original Shin Megami Tensei. Being Nicovideo you'll need to sign up to actually see it but that's done rather easily. I think this guide ought to work but it was last updated 2010 though so who knows.

Anyway, besides most of them being pretty cool (Gotou's crotch and Chaos Hero especially) I was actually wondering if anyone might take it upon themselves to rip them? It would involve playing through a significant part of the game in Japanese and with the loading times that a CD-based game brings with it (I myself am mostly dreading Makai) but if someone could just provide me with Save State files or Battery-backup files when very close to the various events (mostly hoping for the afforementioned Fusion and Gotou meeting scene. maybe the Atom Bomb countdown and drop too) I could try to piece together some full pictures that would make fine additions to some article galleries. I'll even make a snazzy gif like so if I can just find a good PCE emulator that supports lossless video output.

So uhm, no pressure on anyone here or anything. Just saying that if anyone has some time on their hands... Remember, no need to play "legit" or anything so frameskip and savescum to your heart's content.

On another note, check out this totally sweet Megami Tensei II commercial: -- Snowmanie 18:35, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

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