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If you haven't seen the wiki activty lately, there's been a pretty big amount of entries relating the game Catherine, most notably characters like Vincent , his two apparant love interests and some other characters in the game , all by our good friend Cococrash11. The question is, though, should we keep these entries (in which case, we'll have have format them properly and list more information like stages, cameos and other things we'll be sure to know in the coming year)?

If so, should we also make it a habbit to add and build apon games made by developed by Atlus with similar staff such as Maken X? What what stretching it all the way to (perhaps a limited entry of) the Devil May Cry series? Perhaps we could even add a whole category called "Non-Shin Megami Tensei Games;" what do you guys think?

It would have been better if those "Catherine" entries weren't copied from Wikipedia.
And a Non-Shin Megami Tensei Games category is stretching it. This is the Megami Tensei wiki after all. BLUER一番 15:02, March 16, 2011 (UTC)