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Unofficial SMT Campaign Guide Beta 1.0

Hi there! I've created an unofficial tabletop campaign guide for the Shin Megami Tensei francise by Atlus. 

This is an open beta version, I've already trialled it with two different groups of six over two years - seems to work okay as long as you use the errata notes on demon construction and have a GM who can fill the gaps.  :D  

Hopefully this is the right area of the forum to post it on. I'll probably fix it up some more and re-release it later. Enjoy!   :D - Unofficial SMT Campaign Guide Beta 1.0 download 

EDIT: This isn't in the guide but pretty essential. When you get to level 12+ you find spells become less and less special, therefore players have a tendency to steer towards melee attacks.  

This simple rule tends to fix that problem:  
Spell Damage Dice affected by Veteran modifier 
D4 = No Vet rank
D6 = Seasoned, Veteran 
D8 = Paragon 
D10 = Legendary D12 = Diefied+

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