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When I went to look up weaknesses for some of the Persona 3 enemies I found the stats were missing. Editing the revealed the stats were there but weren't showing for some reason. I compared one template to another and found that the ones the functioned had a space between the name of the game and the "=" symbol.

I assumed this was the cause of the problem so I went to all of the pages with broken stats and tried doing that but found I didn't actually need to. For some reason if I hit "Publish" even if I didn't edit anything that fixed the problem. It also doesn't seem to show up in the "Wiki Activity" box.

I only fixed the Persona 3 enemies (As well as the stats for Persona 4 if they're in both games) so you may want to look for any other pages that may have the broken stats.

JudgeRichter (talk) 19:19, September 28, 2017 (UTC)

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