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Futaba Palace

Inside of Futaba's Palace

Futaba's Palace is a location in Persona 5.



Persona 5Edit

  • Available: July 25
  • Deadline: August 21 ("X Day", massive hacking attack by Medjed)
  • Owner: Futaba Sakura

A world within the Palace created by Futaba Sakura. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts plan a heist to steal Futaba's heart after making a deal with her to stop a group of hackers called Medjed that threatens to declare war against them. It appears as a large pyramid surrounded by a city in the middle of a hot and sunny desert. The interior is cooler because of Futaba's cognition of living inside with air-conditioning. Shadow Futaba has been fighting for the control of Futaba's mind with the Sphinx, the Cognitive existence form of Futaba's deceased mother Wakaba Isshiki that embodies the representation of Futaba's self-loathing and belief that her mother hated her.


After the Phantom Thieves had left their calling card for her, Futaba's own Shadow Self appeared into her room and Futaba used her own Metaverse Navigator to go into her Palace, unknowingly becoming its Treasure while doing so. Morgana realized this as soon as she saw Futaba while the others thought that the Treasure was inside a sarcophagus. After the Sphinx is defeated, Futaba leaves the Palace which then starts to crumble. When sarcophagus is revealed to be empty, Morgana finally reveals the truth about the Treasure. After the Thieves leave the Palace, Futaba is found unconscious and Tae Takemi is called to check up on her. But then Sojiro Sakura reveals that this has happened Futaba every time she tires herself up and may sleep several days.

List of EnemiesEdit


  • The trophy earned for clearing this dungeon is "Collapse of Wrath", which refers to the deadly sin represented by the spiteful sphinx instead of Shadow Futaba, unlike the rest of the Palaces.

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