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Give Me!! is one the Kiria and Tsubasa main songs in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. It also sung by Kiria's voice actor, Yoshino Nanjo and Tsubasa's voice actor, Inori Minase.

Lyrics Edit

Japanese Edit

Romaji Edit

English Edit

 (Kiria) Whennever I try to be honest with my feelings,
I just can't get the words out
When everyone calls me cool, all I think is
No way! No way! Stuck with this doubt

(Tsubasa) We're all carbon copes
I'm a copy, too
But when I look at you I see
Something new, something different

 (Together) Give me! All your cuteness
Give me! All your coolness
Give! Some way I can change
I want stand out, I wanna shine
Give me! Even childishness
Give me! Even awkwardness
Give me! Something I don't have
I wanna stand out, and make it mine
I want it now, so please just give it to me

Please just give it to me
Please just give it to me

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