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Goro Akechi
P5 Goro Akechi
Also known as Crow (Code Name)
Second Advent of the Detective Prince
Japanese Name 明智 吾郎
Romaji Akechi Gorō
First Appearance Persona 5
Affiliation Phantom Thieves of Hearts
Arcana Justice
Persona Robin Hood, Loki
Japanese VA Sōichirō Hoshi
"I am Goro Akechi. I might be an insignificant high school student, but I have sometimes been called a detective."
—Goro Akechi, Persona 5

Goro Akechi is a playable character from Persona 5.



Goro has shaggy chin-length brown hair with bangs and brown eyes. He wears a gray coat, black and white tie, black buttons, black trousers, and black gloves.

As Crow, Goro wears a princely royal outfit with a pointed red mask resembling a long-nosed Commedia dell'arte mask (similar to a bird, hence "Crow").

Once he reveals his true allegiances, he changes his Crow outfit for a body-covering, black and red armor that resembles European knight armor and a Featherman V uniform, with a visor that resembles his mask.


Goro is a high school student who carries on a detective business. His abilities as a detective have been widely approved since not only has he solved numerous cases, but he’s also able to deal with people from the investigation agency smoothly. His handsome feature also draws himself public attention, and people comment him as “The Second Advent of Detective Prince”.

He has a strong distaste for brainwashing and condemns the very act itself on television. For reasons unknown, he also shows a significant aversion towards pancakes.

Behind this, he is actually lonely and yearned to be loved as he was neglected by both his father since he was a child and does not have any friends. This loneliness pushed him to do anything his father told him to earn his acceptance, though he eventually resents his father as well and swore revenge, going as far as soiling his own hands to reach his goal. This loneliness has also given him a desperate desire for fame, affection, and attention, which he is forthright about being the primary driver of his actions as a detective.

After meeting and joining the party, for the first time he knows what it feels to be happy together with friends, particularly the protagonist whom he both admired and envied since no matter what his social standing is and how others sees him, the protagonist does not let any of it stopping him from making his own path. This made Goro sees the protagonist as the epitome of the very thing he could never have.

Unfortunately, his obsession to get revenge on his father and desire to be the hero of his own story overshadowed his true feeling for the party. Before fighting the party, he reveals his twisted view about how warped the current world is and dismissed the concept of friends and true justice and meaningless and sickening. He also has a narcissistic element to his personality, seeing himself as the hero by default and anyone who opposes him as the villain.


Persona 5

Goro is the illegitimate son of Masayoshi Shido, the same man responsible for the protagonist's probation period. He initially became a detective in order to receive praise from his father, due to the years of neglect Shido showed him. His mother, who was Shido's lover, was shamed by others after giving birth to Goro until she died. When he found out about this, he grew to hate his father and swore revenge. He found his chance to get revenge after discovering The Palace and started to assist in his father's goal to become prime minister of Japan so he could gain his trust and then manipulate his father once his father accepted him as his secret right-hand man. As Goro admits to the Thieves, he also wants personal fame as the man who brought down Shido.

He becomes so desperate for revenge and fame that he committs crimes to solve as a detective, which gives him a fraudulent reputation as Naoto Shirogane's inheritor. He is the one responsible for causing numerous mysterious incidents that have occurred in Shibuya by causing havoc in the Palace to make the people in the real world either going berserk or becoming an empty shell, the people he targets are also taken care of by him as lead investigator. His victims are mere guinea pigs for experiment such as the subway train driver and those in Shido's way to be elected the prime minister. Goro is then tasked with investigating the matter alongside prosecutor Sae Niijima, though his attention quickly turns to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts when their activities of correcting man's heart quickly become known to the public.

Prior meeting the party, Goro has been mentioned by Shadow Madarame and Shadow Kaneshiro as the guy with black mask who was controlling The Palace and does not care what may happen in the real world. He first met the protagonist when he is in the process of transferring to Syujin High School, greeting the protagonist when he overheard him talking with Ryuji Sakamoto, Anne Takamaki, and Morgana. During the Thieves' heist to steal Haru Okumura's father, Kunikazu Okumura's heart, Goro kills Shadow Kunikazu before he can reveal anything about him, resulting the real Kunikazu to die as well in the real world. At this heist as well, he photographs the Phantom Thieves when they returned from the Palace.

Already got the proof of the identities of the Phantom Thieves, Goro decides to get close to them by purposely stating in TV news there's a possibility that Kunikazu's death is not their fault, leading Makoto to suggest contacting and making Goro their ally since he has connection with the police and may give them necessary information. Furthermore, Makoto can no longer get any information from her sister because Sae has became more careful than before.

After receiving contact from Makoto, he shows the party the photos he has taken and reveals he had discovered the other world a month ago and then feigning ignorance of how the party makes people confess their crimes. He continues to claim that he believes they are not the ones who killed Kunikazu because he has met the real culprit and was attacked by him which lead to his awakening as Persona user. He then asks to be allowed to join them so he can catch the real culprit and clear the Phantom Thieves' name, using the earlier photos and conversation as a blackmail should they refuse.

During the climax of their heist at the Casino, Goro leaks their plans to the police, thus leading to the protagonist's eventual arrest. Shortly after Sae's interrogation with the protagonist, he visits the protagonist in the interrogation room, shooting the guard tasked with protecting him and subsequently the protagonist. His plan is either successful or foiled depending on the player's responses to Sae's interrogation after his long reminiscence.

In the good ending route, the protagonist and Morgana finds out that he is the traitor after noticing that Goro is able to understand Morgana's words when he overheard them talking on their first meeting. Since only Persona users can understand Morgana's words, this means that Goro has already awakened his Persona power before he met the party and he was lying about he awakened his power after Kunikazu was killed. Goro receives order from Shido to take care of their next obstacles earlier than they should be, which initially confused Goro but immediately realises that the protagonist is still alive. The protagonist and the party confront Goro in the engine room of Shidou Palace, where he reveals that he plans to snatch Shido's victory away at the last minute by revealing that he is Shido's illegitimate son and his father's crimes, which would destroy Shido's credibility and cause people to lose faith in society, clamoring for a new and better system of government.

After his defeat, "Cognitive Goro" appears, the manifestation of how Shido views him: an obedient puppet. This angers Goro who shoots his cognitive self and then shoots the switch on the wall, closing the barrier between himself and the party so the party can proceed. He and his cognitive self then point their guns towards each other. From the other side of the wall, the party hears the true Goro's wish to right his father's heart and two gunshots. Afterwards, Goro's fate is unknown, with Futaba failing to sense his presence after the shooting and Sae reporting him missing.

Shido is very insecure of the exposure of his disgraceful relationships with Goro. In one case he condemns Goro for calling out his name in the phone. When the party confronts Shadow Shido after Goro's apparent death, he confesses that he would eliminate Goro should he be elected prime minister because Goro knows too much about him and Goro's birth is a taint of his political power.

Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers

"Well, if there really are thieves like them out there, I believe they should be brought to justice in a court of law. Twisting other people's hearts by force... That's the worst thing any human could do."
—Goro Akechi, Persona 5 The Animation The Day Breakers

Goro makes an appearance on TV, where he is asked his opinion on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. His response is that whether or not they truly exist, they are criminals who should be brought to justice; he goes on to denounce their actions, and believes that forcing people to change what's in their hearts is wrong.

He is later present at the arrest of Kazuya Makigami and his gang.


Persona 5
P5 Goro cut-in
Goro's Close Up
PERSONA5 package visual
Illustration of the main members of Phantom Thieves of Hearts
Persona 5 Goro and P5protag
The Protagonist and Goro for Persona 5 Premium Event
P5 Goro's Finishing Touch
All-Out Attack finishing touch
Goro creepy smile
Goro looking down at the protagonist
Goro killer
Goro kills the protagonist
Persona 5 Portraits
P5 portrait of Goro
Goro Akechi's portrait
P5 portrait of Goro's summer school uniform
Goro's summer school uniform
P5 portrait of Goro's casual attire
Goro's casual attire
P5 portrait of Goro's phantom thief outfit
Goro's Crow outfit
P5 portrait of Goro's phantom thief outfit without mask
Goro's Crow outfit without mask
P5 portrait of Goro's true personality
"Cognitive Goro"
P5 portrait of Goro's traitor outfit
Goro's traitor outfit
Tribute Artworks
P5 Illustration of the Protagonist and Goro by Teita (Norn9 illustrator)
Illustration of the Protagonist and Goro by Teita (Norn9 illustrator)


"Go" (吾) of Gorō is the archaic form of the first person pronoun "I" in Chinese which carries no meaning in formal Japanese language and is merely borrowed for Chinese translation or naming. Akechi (明智) literally means "wisdom" in Chinese, the same meaning in Japanese would be "kenmei" (賢明).


  • Goro Akechi is referenced to the name Kogoro Akechi (明智 小五郎), a fictional private detective created by Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Ranpo (a pseudonym for Tarō Hirai) from the story "The Case of the Murder on D. Hill" in January 1925 and continued to appear in stories for a quarter of a century. Edogawa Rampo is considered the father of the Japanese detective story and was a great admirer of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Akechi is the first recurring detective character in Japanese fiction and is clearly inspired by Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes.
  • His name may also be a reference to Akechi Mitsuhide, a retainer of the notorious daimyo and conqueror Oda Nobunaga who rebelled against him for reasons that are often interpreted as either disgust for Nobunaga's flaunting of bushido, the code of honor and ethics samurai were expected to follow, and/or jealousy of Nobunaga's success and fame. Both motives figure into Goro's infiltration and later betrayal of the Thieves.
  • Goro's Close Up style when he is in the player's party is similar to those from Persona 3 and Persona 4, rather than the Persona 5 style which is only used in his boss battle.
  • After Goro's defeat by the player, the way he atones by sacrificing himself alludes to Takahisa Kandori upon his defeat in the Undersea Ruins in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.
  • Goro shares some similarities to Tohru Adachi from Persona 4: Both of them are detectives, they both awaken to their personas before the protagonist does, both are being manipulated by the ones who orchestrated the events of the story. However, they differ in motivation-while Adachi was motivated by boredom, spite, and jealousy of people he regarded as luckier and more talented than him, Goro is motivated by the conflicting desires to be loved and to ensure that his father is punished for his crimes, and he is shown to feel remorse for his betrayal of the Thieves after the end of his boss fight.

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