Gravity Icon P1 Gravity (重力, jūryoku)? skills are a subtype of Force Spells appearing exclusively in Megami Ibunroku Persona and its remake, though spells in the line were included as Almighty Skills in the Persona 2 duology.


Name Power Target
Gry Light 1 enemy
Magry Light 1 group of enemies
Gryva Medium 1 enemy
Magryva Medium 1 group of enemies
Grydyne Heavy 1 enemy
Magrydyne Heavy 1 group of enemies

Persona Skill Cards

  • Note: Gry is Almighty in Persona 2
Innocent Sin
Gry card IS
Gry Card
Gryva card IS
Gryva Card
Pressure card IS
Pressure Card, which grants Grydyne
Eternal Punishment
Gry card EP
Gry Card
Gryva card EP
Gryva Card
Pressure card EP
Pressure Card, which grants Grydyne

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