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The Grim Reaper (グリム・リーパー?), also called Ruthless Reaper (無慈悲な刈り手?) or simply G. R. is a weapon in Persona: Tsumi To Batsu.


"Originally a Persona who ruled over death, it was turned into a big Scythian scythe made of magic crystal."
—Rihito Shimizu

A weapon employed by members of Nymphéa known as Reapers. A Persona-user hit by the Grim Reaper will have their Persona stolen and be left in a comatose state. The stolen Personas are uploaded into the Black Book, where they're being fused into a "Macro Persona". The Persona itself may also yield the Grim Reaper, which increases their Magical Attack.

In order to defeat the Grim Reapers, Philemon gives the Four Keys to Kazumi and his friends. However, destroying a Grim Reaper will "reap" the Persona of its user.


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