Gukyo Trinity Soul

Guukyou as he appears in Trinity Soul.

Guukyou (グウキョウ) is a Persona in the series.



Guukyou (禺彊) is a Chinese deity that appears in The Classic of Mountains and Seas. Some myths claim it was a fish with limbs, but is usually portrayed as a bird with a human face and snakes used as ear ornaments. It plays the role of both a sea god and a wind god. Under the guise of a wind god, it is feared for bearing plague.


Persona -trinity soul- Edit

Guukyou is the Persona of Soutarou Senou. It appears as a tall humanoid shape with gold and red decorations. The spear it wields serves as a melee weapon, but can also fire projectiles like a gun. It is one of the first Marebito Persona consumed by Ayane Komatsubara's clone and she later summons it through Devi.


Guu Against Shin
Guukyou fighting against Shin
Guu Reversing
Guukyou preparing to reverse Shin
Guu Summoned
Guukyou summoned by Devi

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