Hakke Shaja (Sharjah) is a playable character from Maken X.



"A Hakke, born to a rich family and later becoming a national TV star due to his talent for singing and dancing. He leads an idle life without purpose. As he wants to control humans, Mr. Meteor was worried about the increasing Indian population. He injected the Image to Shaka who became a Hakke. To decrease the population, he used his songs to send waves from TV and radios to make humans spiritless. People who listened to the songs lost energy and appetite and were gradually dying. As a result the death rate increased in India and the productivity drastically plummeted. "
—Hakke Shaja's profile in Maken Shao

He is first mentioned by Fei Shan Lee, who reveals that he is a Hakke posing as a national TV star in India, using his songs to drain the souls of its populace. Should the Maken assist Fei Shan Lee's quest to defeat him, Shaja can later be encountered in the Taj Mahal. Otherwise he is not seen or mentioned throughout the game.

When the Maken encounters Shaja in a sanctuary within the Taj Mahal, he deduces that the girl in front of him is actually the Maken. After explaining his motives for being a Hakke and expressing his disgust for humanity, he proceeds to duel the Maken.

After his defeat, the Maken may Brainjack him.


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 3
EX Special Ring Storm
Life 3
Power 4
Speed 1
Jump Low
"Moving speed is slow. Master of various techniques."
— Characteristics

Being accessible early into the game, Shaja is a formidable character in comparison to his other early-game rivals such as Fei Shan Lee and Hakke Andrey. Despite being slower, he has a respectable base Power of 6, which ourtclasses them both. His moveset is designed for 1-on-1 combat as most don't allow Shaja to hit a wide range, making him best suited for taking down tough enemies and mini-bosses. He is the first character to have a charge move, his Mahara Tackle. However due to the long start up and cooldown, its recommended that players use his normal combo Jamadhar or his enhanced combo, Bagh Nakh. His Bagh Nakh however, does suffer from a long cooldown, leaving him vulnerable. His Spinmahal is useful for defelecting projectiles and due to his power, is also a viable move to use against a group of enemies. His EX special, Jahan Ring, is long ranged, has little cooldown and only costs around a quarter of his MP bar, thus making him viable for long ranged spamming.

His battle in his sanctuary is fairly simple. He is fought in the centre of the stage surrounded by 8 pillars. He will continuously use his Jahan Ring to attack from afar and will knock players away with his Spinmahal should players get close to him. If the player stands in front of a pillar, he will use his Mahara Tackle; if the player side-steps before Shaja hits them, he will crash onto the pillar and be temporarily stunned, leaving room for punishment. He will jump back to the centre of the stage after this and repeat his strategy until he is defeated.


Hakke Shaja with his arms retracted
Shaja Maken X Another
Hakke Shaja as he appears in Maken X Another


  • In Maken X, his design in the game is slightly altered in the US version. His 4 additional arms are instead replaced with floating hands with blades. This may have been due to censorship to remove the reference of Shiva with a villain. Similarly, his stage is renamed as Sharjah's Palace instead of the Taj Mahal.