Hakke Youthfu (Yusuf) is a playable character from Maken X.


  • Maken X: Minor Antagonist, Playable Character
  • Maken Shao: Minor Antagonist, Playable Character


"A Hakke and the Oil King of Saudi Arabia who controls the world economy. He implicated his own father as the murderer of his older brother and so became legal heir, inheriting immense wealth and power. Hearing the rumor that his brother was still alive, Youthfu, was convinced that people around him were on his brother's side and conspiring to kill him. Then Mr. Meteor, taking advantage of this, converted him to become a Hakke. Abusing his position as President of OPEC, Youthfu restricted the petroleum exported exclusively to China. As a result, China monopolizes the oil and it caused not only the worldwide oil crisis but also the conflict between US and China."
—Hakke Youthfu's profile in Maken Shao


Name Stat
Brainjack Rank 7
EX Special Saraph Bomber
Life 8
Power 8
Speed 2
Jump Low