"My name is Beauty Thief!"
—Haru Okumura, Persona 5

Haru Okumura is a playable character from Persona 5. She is a wealthy girl who attends Shujin Academy, and secretly a Phantom Thief.



Haru has chin-length curly light auburn hair and brown eyes. She is taller than Futaba but is shorter than Ann and Makoto.

She wears her winter school's uniform modified to her taste; a pink turtleneck cardigan with short puffed sleeves with a long-sleeved white shirt underneath. The cardigan is zipped open up to her navel, and has two large pockets on the front. She wears the standard black and red plaid skirt, white tights with a black flower pattern and black Mary Jane shoes.

Her summer school uniform retains her skirt and shoes, but she wears a light purple knitted sleveless turtleneck sweater with a dark purple ribbon around her waist, and white loose socks.

Her summer casual outfit is a greenish white collar dress, white pantyhose and cream pumps.

Her winter outfit is a white dress shirt with a dark blue ribbon covered with a pale green fluffy coat, pink skirt, white tights and brown shoes.

Her burglar outfit consists of a dark purple cavalier hat with a feather plume tucked into a royal purple hatband, a long-sleeved pale pink blouse with a white neck jabot (held there with a red gem pin), a black corset vest with gold buttons, bloomers that match her hatband, black pantyhose, a holster belt carrying ammo and lace-up pumps. Her thief mask and gloves are black and violet respectively.


"My heart has been set. You should know... I am no longer your subservient puppet!"
—Haru Okumura, Persona 5
Persona 5 The Sheltered Haru Okumura Wants to Break Free!

Persona 5 The Sheltered Haru Okumura Wants to Break Free!

Haru trailer.

Haru is polite and has good communication and observational skills. She grew up with all the elegance and splendor. She finds it difficult to differentiate between who truly values her as a friend and who merely wants to use her for her family's status. This includes not only friends, but adults and teachers as well - it seemed like everyone smiled at her for their own personal gain.

After meeting and joining the Phantom Thieves, Haru becomes passionate and rebellious and eventually learns how to properly convey her mind and connect with others. Getting mixed up with the Phantom Thieves will help her learn how to break out and fly free from her subservient chains.

In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her garden. Despite her gentle personality, however, she admits she feels excited when Shadows beg for their life, she also says that cutting down enemies as they approach is a thrill, hinting she is somewhat sadistic.[1][2][3] Also, after a battle, Haru may say something along the lines of, "Phew, I need more of that!"

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Persona 5Edit

"So, I'm not even allowed to decide where I live, am I?"
—Haru Okumura, Persona 5

Haru is a third year student in Shujin Academy and the daughter of the president of Okumura Foods. Haru has been forced into an arranged marriage with a fiance named Sugimura, whom she despises for his controlling and angry nature.

She was first seen inside of her car in an anime cutscene during the fireworks festival in summer.

Fifth Heist: Kunikazu OkumuraEdit

She first met Morgana by coincidence, seeing him wandering on the street after having a falling out with the other Thieves and approached him, resulting in her being dragged into the Palace where she awakened to her Persona, however, her persona's power lacks the same power that of the Phantom Thieves' Personas. Not wanting to get married, she decided to work with Morgana to change her father's heart.


Haru appears with a front-flip.

She is met at the Okumura's Palace where Morgana introduces Haru to the Phantom Thieves of Hearts as the "Beauty Thief" which she instantly follows along. She and Morgana then challenge the Phantom Thieves to a competition to see who can get the treasure first, which quickly ends up disastrously with Haru experiencing stage fright the first time she meets the Phantom Thieves and blundering into a room packed with alert Shadows. This leads to a petty chase in Mementos where she accidentally crashes Morgana.

The protagonist then meets Haru again at school, where Makoto Niijima confirms her identity as the Beauty Thief whom they met at Okumura's Palace earlier. Makoto tries to convince Haru to cooperate with them since they are also after her father, but Haru rejects her proposal, refusing to work with a group that does not know its own path and insists she will only work with Morgana since he gave her a means to make her father atone for his transgressions. However, when the party sees Sugimura grab her by the arm and kick Morgana, Haru finally reveals that the true reason she wants to change her father's heart is not to redeem him, but to escape the marriage he arranged for her. Finally being honest with herself, she and Morgana decide to team up with the Phantom Thieves.

Persona 5 - Haru's Awakening

Persona 5 - Haru's Awakening

Haru facing cognitive Sugimura.

Haru accompanies the Phantom Thieves into her father's palace, but Morgana warns her that her Persona has not yet taken full form, and she is thus not able to fight. During a confrontation with her father's Shadow, the cognitive version of Sugimura adds that he no longer desires Haru as his wife, only for Kunikazu to add that he may have Haru as his sexual plaything instead, so long as Kunikazu gets what he wants out of the deal. Outraged and betrayed, Haru's Persona Milady takes shape, and she defeats the cognitive version of her fiance.

Proceeding further into the palace forces Haru to realize how her father exploits his workers, and even views the company itself as a means to an end. Despite this, when Haru confronts her father, he is able to manipulate her by pretending to apologize, luring all the other Thieves besides her into a trap.

After the battle, Kunikazu apologizes and promises to make amends, including rescinding the marriage offer to Sugimura. He reveals that he hired someone else to carry out the mental shutdowns, but the group is forced to escape before he can say who. Once the true form of the Treasure is revealed to be a plastic model, Haru tells the group that her father's bitterness over his father's benevolent but misguided management of his business caused him to become ruthless.

Kunikazu holds a press conference apologizing for his misdeeds, but before he can reveal the identity of his associates in the conspiracy, he suffers a mental shutdown and dies, with his death being used by the Conspiracy to frame the Phantom Thieves.

After taking a few days off from school in order to mourn her father and deal with company-related business, Haru returns around the time of midterms, and reveals that Sae Niijima investigated the Okumura residence and Shujin Academy, finding a calling card for the principal in the latter location.

During the infiltration into Shido's Palace, Haru uses her connection to Kunikazu to convince the cognitive version of the president of a TV station to grant her his letter of introduction, and thus access to the treasure chamber. Unfortunately, when the president informs Haru that Kunikazu was killed because his misdeeds made him a liability to the conspiracy, and the president broadcast the moment of Kunikazu's mental shutdown for higher ratings, Haru is enraged and demands an apology, leading to a battle.

After the battle with Goro Akechi, Haru tells Akechi that while she will never forgive him for killing her father, she can understand his feelings and tried to convince him to change Masayoshi Shido's heart together. After defeating Shido, Haru notes that she believes that she has avenged her father.

Like the rest of the party, Haru's spirit is nearly broken when she is briefly erased from existence, but she regains her resolve with the protagonist's help and helps him win in the end.

During the quest to free the protagonist, Haru offers to contact her father's associates to ask for their help in this endeavor. In the end, Haru asks the others for help on the behalf of a friend, likely someone outside the group.

If the protagonist does not complete Kunikauzu's Palace in time, Haru will be forced to marry her fiancé, and the protagonist is arrested after the police recieve an anonymous tip that he is the leader of the Phantom Thieves. As with the other "time-out" bad endings, it is revealed that this is a false recollection caused by the protagonist being heavily drugged during Sae's interrogation. She leaves to let him collect himself, at which point Akechi takes the opportunity to assassinate him.


"It seems you were probing into a certain conglomerate. There's the possibility you even infiltrated their company building. Perhaps some sort of connection... ...Tell me about this person!"
—Sae Niijima talking about Haru Okumura, Persona 5

Haru's Confidant can be unlocked on October 30th. Starting her Confidant will allow the protagonist to harvest vegetables with her on the roof of Shujin Academy. The vegetables grown are consumables that the party can use in dungeons to restore SP. Maxing this Confidant makes Milady evolve into Astarte and unlocks the fusion of Mother Harlot.

Haru's Confidant revolves around her trying to become more involved in Okumura Foods by developing ways to use the produce she grows in order to eventually create a cafe chain much like her grandfather once did. She brings her first batch to Sojiro Sakura who states that the vegetable quality is impressive for home grown produce, but hardly of quality suited for a business chain. It also deals with Haru having to deal with the fallout of her father's death, including people trying to take advantage of her as a large stakeholder for Okumura Foods as well as Sugimura who threatens her with their marriage agreement made with her father previously, which he states is still legally binding despite his death.

Near its climax, Haru grows her own coffee beans and vegetables and presents it to the new stand-in president Takakura. She makes it clear to him that her father's death as well as his schemes caused her to lose a lot of trust in the officials of the company, including Takakura himself. With the protagonist there when she presents her coffee to Takakura, she musters the courage to tell Takakura of what she intends to do with the company once she is able. Takakura comments that the coffee that she grew and brewed were similar to the one her grandfather once made, which is the reason why he joined the company in the first place. Takakura sees Haru's resolve and states that he wishes to turn Okumura Foods back the way it was before Kunikazu's changes, making it a company that customers and employees will both enjoy. He extends an invitation to Haru to come to the next company meeting as means of resolving issues of company trust among the administration and to help be a guide in bringing Okumura foods back on the right path. Haru accepts the invitation.

Takakura also brings up the matter of her marriage contract with Sugimura, stating that there is no formal legal deal requiring the two be wed if she does not desire it. Haru politely, but firmly tells Takakura to annul the marriage agreement between the two, formally ending the prospect of her marriage to him. Haru's resolve strengthens from being able to speak her mind to President Takakura and he even drops a comment that she must be close with the protagonist since she brought him along to tell him all this. Alone the protagonist can choose whether he wishes to support her as a boyfriend or just as a close friend.

Regardless of outcome of the protagonist choice, at the final Confidant Rank, Haru reveals that she did attend the company meeting and was able to speak her mind to the administration. She reveals that she plans to attend college to get the skills necessary in order to open the cafe chain she dreams of. In the meantime, she resolves to remain a supporter of the protagonist's ambitions as a fellow Phantom Thief.

Haru's farewell gift after maxing her Confidant is the Dyed Hankerchief, allowing the protagonist access to Soil Improvement once her Confidant has been established in New Game+. If the protagonist pursues a romantic relationship with Haru, she will gift the protagonist a Hat on Christmas, allowing the protagonist to earn more points when using an Empress Persona during their Confidant in NG+, and Haru's Chocolate on Valentines Day, which fully restores SP to one ally when consumed.

1CultivationAllows you to grow vegetables with Haru on the Shujin Academy rooftop.
2Baton PassAllows you to pass your turn over to other Baton Pass users after a 1 More.
3Follow UpChance to perform a follow-up attack if Joker's attack does not down the enemy.
4Celeb TalkChance to step in after Shadow negotiation fails, allowing a retry.
5Bumper CropIncreases the total vegetable yield of a single harvest.
6Harisen RecoveryChance to cure status ailments inflicted upon party members.
7Soil ImprovementDecreases the total amount of time it takes to cultivate vegetables.
8EndureChance to withstand an otherwise fatal attack with 1 HP remaining.
9ProtectChance to shield Joker from an otherwise fatal attack.
10Second AwakeningTransforms her Persona into a mythological trickster.

Battle QuotesEdit

Quotes video:

  • "Persona!" (Summoning Persona)
  • "Perrrrsonaaaa!" (Summoning Persona)
  • "Come!" (Summoning Persona)
  • "Behold!" (Milady / Astarte casting skill)
  • "Milady! / Astarte!" (Exploiting an enemy's weakness with Persona skill)
  • "Rush them, Milady!" (Exploiting an enemy's weakness with Persona skill)
  • "Astarte, descend!" (Exploiting an enemy's weakness with Persona skill)
  • "It's still alive!" (Leaving the enemy alive)
  • "Someone, finish it off!" (Leaving the enemy alive)
  • "That's right!" (When using an item)
  • "Dodging!" (Dodging enemy attack)
  • "We can't miss this chance!" (Initiating All-out Attack)
  • "Time to punish them!" (Initiating All-out Attack)
  • "Good choice." (Initiating All-out Attack)
  • "Wasn't that graceful?" (All-Out Attack finishing touch)
  • "So much for them." (All-Out Attack finishing touch)
  • "Coup De Grâce!" (All-Out Attack finishing touch)
  • "Thank you so much!" (When someone heals her)
  • "Much obliged!" (When someone heals her)
  • "Thank you!" (When revived)
  • "Yes, I'll do my best!" (Tactics changed to Act Freely)
  • "Understood. Full power!" (Tactics changed to Full Assault)
  • "I'll save my strength, right?" (Tactics changed to Conserve SP)
  • "I'll keep my health in mind." (Tactics changed to Heal/Support)
  • "I'm listening, Leader." (Tactics changed to Direct Command)
  • "How's this? Painful?" (Attacking normally)


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  • Haru may be a historical reference to Haru Hiratsuka (平塚 明), a Japanese feminist in the early 1910s. This is further supported by Haru's last name "Okumura" which is the same as Hiratsuka's artist lover, Hiroshi Okumura (奥村 博史).
  • Haru's Personas specialize in Psy skills, which have not appeared in the franchise since Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner.
  • Noir in the Japanese official site is given the title of "Phantom Thieves' Noble Daughter" (怪盗団の御令嬢, Kaitō-dan no goreijō)?, implying she still acts like a wealthy lady during the heist.

Xanthe as Noir.

  • The deadline for reforming Kunikazu is before Haru's marriage. In the Japanese version, this is written as "x days before Haru's body is sold" (春の身売りまであとX日, Haru no miuri made ato X bi)? which almost looks like "prostitution" (売春, baishun)?.
  • Haru's English voice actress, Xanthe Huynh, cosplayed as Noir while attending Anime Expo 2017.
  • Haru was originally supposed to be fragile like Fuuka like in her designs.
  • Just like with Makoto Niijima, Goro Akechi, Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki before, the official twitter account for the Persona series posted a "Happy Birthday" message for Haru on December 5, 2017 JST.

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