Artwork from Devil Children Fire/Ice Book.

Hati (ハティ, Hati) is a demon in the series.


One of the children of Fenrir in Norse mythology. An evil wolf deity that chases the moon in an attempt to devour it. This action is sometimes attributed directly to his father, Fenrir.



Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Hati can be found in Fire Book in the city Eden of Tenkai, he comments that he lost a precious ring, which he dropped on his travel to Midkingdom. Jin can travel to the past of Tenkai to retrieve the ring and return it to him. In gratitude he joins the party. Another Hati can be found in Annwn of the Underworld Expanse, where he defends the town from invaders alongside his brother Skoll. Meeting them in the past will have the Hati give Akira a letter addressed to his brother, as he senses the shadow of death chasing him. Later Akira will learn that Hati had died at the hands of Angels when he meets Skoll in the present.


Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
Common Dark Beast 482 34 365 159
30 29 33 28 33 30
List of Skills
Ice BreathBufulaDekaja
TarundaDeath BreathSonic Wing

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