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Welcome to the Help Portal. Below is a list of help pages, guides as well as policies used in the Megami Tensei Wiki.

Please help to create any that are needed or use the talk page to suggest what else we need or to ask whether we have something not listed here. See also Category:Help.


  • Manual of Style - consistency guide on mainspace articles.
  • Scope - what the wiki basically covers.
  • Searching - search terms.
  • Templates - list of templates and guides to use them throughout the wiki.
  • Japanese - using Japanese language characters in the wiki.


  • Editing - basic editing pointers using wiki markup
  • Creating new pages - how to create new pages.
  • Images - how to place images in the mainspaces.
  • Table - how to create tables in the wiki.

User AccountsEdit


Please see the Wikia Central Help pages for more help in General.

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