Hermit DemiKids

Hermit (ハーミット) is a small town in the in the Devil Children series.



DemiKids: Dark VersionEdit

Hermit is a town in Valhalla built by traveling entertainers. It is the first town encountered after leaving the Time Tower and is where the Akira will meet Judy and Guy for the first time.

DemiKids: Light VersionEdit

Hermit is the first town visited by Jin in Valhalla. Where Imperium troops have occupied it to route out all Rebels and send them to Limbo. He meets Judy here and defeats the Imperius soldier Kyme.

As the town was built by traveling entertainers, the buildings are tents. As with most towns, it has an Inn, Store and Demon Lab.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

The town is only visited on Akira's route, where he can get the first explanations for fusing and such from Gale.

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