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The Hero (英雄, Eiyū) is a race of demons in the series. Heroes are the most famous heroic figures in various counties and myths. Another race with the similar characteristics is the General race.



They are heroic figures in history revered by their countries and embedded into their mythology. They are generally a physical race, focusing on HP and Strength.

List of DemonsEdit

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SummonerEdit

Demon Level
Rama 77
Guan Yu 66
Fereydun 62
Yoshitsune 57
Jeanne D'Arc 54

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

Hero demons are created by fusing Zeed above a specific level with a specific demon.

Demon Level Fusion requirements
Zeed's level Second demon
Jeanne D'Arc 54 >40 Entity Black Maria
Siegfried 61 >50 Deity Lugh
Saladin 68 >60 Entity Alilat
Rama 77 >70 Deity Vishnu
Huang Di 83 >80 Lady Xi Wangmu

Devil Survivor 2 Edit

The Hero race in this game has combined some of the demons from General race of Soul Hackers. Lower level Hero demon have the Hero's Mark Racial Skill, which, at the cost of some of the Hero's MP, grants a 30% reduction to all damage suffered by team members until their next turn arrives. Stronger Heroes have this skill changed to Hero's Proof which raises this damage reduction to 50%. Heroes are also notable in that every member of the race is Unique and has a special fusion formula.

Demon Level
Neko Shogun 31
Hagen 39
Jeanne D'Arc 50
Yoshitsune 57
Guan Yu 70
Frost Five* 76
Masakado 82

*Available only in Record Breaker.

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