The Heroine is the protagonist's main companion in Majin Tensei.

Appearances Edit


Majin TenseiEdit

After the protagonist fights his way into a mysterious building, he finds the heroine in cryogenic sleep. After waking up, she realizes she has amnesia and begs to go with the protagonist, as demons will eventually reappear at the laboratory where she was held.

Her origins are revealed should the protagonist spare Lucifer (which is only available on the best ending's route), where he reveals that he created her as a human of the Expanse to be the protagonist's companion on his journey, and can thus be seen as her father. She will fight against Satan and help defeat him, but will either be killed (along with everyone else) in the bad ending due to the missile strike, die getting the protagonist out of the Expanse in the normal ending, or will take a fatal curse for the protagonist when Satan attacks them one final time, but be revived thanks to the "Morning Star" Lucifer gave them earlier in the best ending.

Majin Tensei II: Spiral NemesisEdit

Although not being seen, the heroine, along with the protagonist is mentioned by Lucifer in the Neutral route as Masakiyo Ogiwara's true parents who saved the human world during a crisis, and left their child with the Ogiwara family.


Skill Cost Description Proficiency
Sabbatma 2 MP (per demon) Summon a demon from the COMP 4
Traesto 0 MP (costs half Macca) Flee the current map, but lose half your Macca 4
Diarama 20 MP Heals 1/2 of an ally's max HP 16
Agilao 12 MP Attack one enemy with strong Fire 24
Bufula 16 MP Attack one enemy with strong Ice 32
Diarahan 40 MP Heal all HP for one ally 40
Posumudi 15 MP Heal one ally of Poison 48
Paraladi 15 MP Heal one ally of Paralyze 60
Patra 15 MP Heal one ally of Close 72
Maragion 28 MP Attack multiple enemies with strong Fire 84
Zionga 20 MP Attack one enemy with strong Elec 92
Mabufula 32 MP Attack multiple enemies with strong Ice 100
Mediarahan 60 MP Heal 1/2 HP of multiple allies' max HP 108
Mazionga 36 MP Attack multiple enemies with strong Elec 116
Rimdora 99 MP Attack multiple enemies with severe Force 124
  • Proficiency determines when the heroine will learn magic skills, and is calculated with the formula Proficiency = Level + (Magic * 2)


The protagonist and heroine with their art matching their in-game appearances