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Japanese Name ウーゴ
Romaji Ūgo
First Appearance Shin Megami Tensei IV
Affiliation East Mikado
Age About 40
Japanese VA Yōhei Tadano
English VA Derek Stephen Prince
"Let us vow an oath together in His loving sight that this peace shall be everlasting."
—Hugo, Shin Megami Tensei IV

Hugo is a character from Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Appearances Edit

Personality Edit

Despite Hugo's status, he is viewed as a man without sympathy, thoughtfulness and vision. For that he is disliked by the Samurai, particularly given his tendency to assume command of them without warning or consent.

Profile Edit

Shin Megami Tensei IV Edit

Hugo is the Abbot of the Monastery in Mikado Castle with Gabby acting as his right-hand woman. In the emergency meeting ordered by Hope, he reveals to the Samurai that the Black Samurai's books turn people into demons. He theorizes that she is in league with the Unclean Ones country since her books are written in mystic script like the gauntlets. He orders the Samurai to venture into the depths of Naraku and capture her in the Unclean One's country.

He mentions a special reward and lets Gabby tell the details for the quest, before continuing. Along with Gabby and Hope he attends all-night meeting to determine the best course of action. K reveals that he was a former Samurai before becoming the Abbot and was able to convince the King and the people that everything he did was for them.

He gives three Challenge Quests called Relic Recovery, which require a Laptoc PC, Power Cable, and Wind Turbine. Once Flynn has done the three delivery quests he has posted at K's Tavern he will be at the Monastery where Flynn can talk to him. He gives a quest for Flynn to find a relic called Wine in Tokyo, and states that a friend's wife wants it. He accidentally lets it slip that he's speaking of his own wife and starts the quest Bring Back Wine. After obtaining the Corked Bottle, Hugo is overjoyed at obtaining the wine and tells him not to mention it to anyone else.

After the Black Samurai's capture he oversaw the ceremony to award the prentice Samurai for their efforts and takes charge of the public execution of the Black Samurai. Despite their mission cleared, Hugo plans on having the Samurai return to Tokyo and obtain more Mystic Relics, which angers Walter and leads Hugo to insult Hope's leadership for Walter's bad manners. He prefers to call the extermination of humans turned demons as "executions" rather than murder and tells Samurai within the Kingdom to view it as such. Hugo has also ordered the Samurai to search the Casualries dwellings for literature during the execution.

He allows the Black Samurai to speak her last words, but quickly orders the Samurai to kill her after she speaks out against God. He does not know that Gabby and Hope have been meeting in secret behind his back for missions concerning the Black Samurai, and hasn't been talking to her recently. Talking to him in the Monastery has him cursing the Black Samurai and her mysterious revival, along with revealing that he knows the prentices have been meeting with Gabby, and asks that if it is important that they inform him.

He contacts them after they learn the truth behind Red Pills and Tayama's "Utopia", telling them to return to the Kingdom and go to Shene Duque. In Mikado he has become the new mouthpiece of the new leaders of the kingdom, and is struggling with dealing with fellow monks at the Monastery, who can barely type in passwords in mystic script in order to record all the data in their scriptures into a PC. Before joining Jonathan or Walter, a monk at the monastery will suggest that Hugo may know something about Gabby since he is the mouthpiece of the new leaders, with the possibility that he might fear her.

Hugo reveals that he now knows it was Gabriel in the form of Gabby that chose him to be Abbot, but he allowed his greed for relics and the power he got to rule over the kingdom get the best of him. In the Chaos route he mentions that Hope wants the people to evacuate, but he doubts that anyone in the kingdom would accept him as he lost the trust of the people. He tells Flynn that what he sees before him is a pitiful man who had power beyond his control and to look with his heart's content.

In the Neutral route once the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado becomes accessable, Hugo will tell Flynn that Isabeau had already explained everything and has already begun moving to Tokyo, while also expressing a different side of himself, as he apparently read books given to members of the Casualry cast by Lilith. At the end, Hugo apparently contains a fascination with alcohol, despite him being a priest as members of the church are not allowed to indulge themselves in anything alcoholic.


Hugo Design
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Hugo as he appears in Shin Megami Tensei IV Demonic Gene
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