Humans (人間?, lit. "Human") is a species in the series. As the name suggests, they are simply human enemies, some of whom have the capacity to use magic.


Race Japanese Meaning Alignment
Human 人間 Human Varies
Gaean ガイアーズ Ring of Gaea Chaos
Messian メシア教徒 Order of Messiah Law
Summoner 召喚士 Summoner Varies
Kyojin 狂人 Madman, Psycho Neutral-Chaos
Shinja 信者 Believer, Devotee Neutral-Chaos
Meta 超人 Super-Human Varies
Ranger 戦士 Warrior Neutral-???
Hero 英雄 Hero Light-Law
General 猛将 Brave General Light-Chaos
Therian 獣人 Beast-Man Neutral-Neutral
Fiend 魔人 (鬼人) Demon People (Ogre People) Dark-Neutral

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