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The Hunger Arcana (欲望, Yokubō)?, also known as the Lust Arcana in the Japanese version, is an arcana in Persona 4 Golden. It shares its Personas with the Jester Arcana.


Like the Aeon Arcana, the Hunger/Lust Arcana is not found in standard tarot decks. The Hunger Arcana is the Thoth tarot equivalent of the Strength Arcana, numbered XI.

Hunger symbolizes the danger of losing control, of being consumed by power. The card also implies strength, but strength which comes through Dominance. It is not true power, but the pure bliss of abusing power.

Just as the Hunger Arcana is the equivalent of the Strength Arcana, the Jester Arcana is the equivalent of the Fool Arcana, numbered 0. The Jester symbolizes much of what the Fool symbolizes--ignorance, spontaneity, and freedom--but in a suppressed form. In the case of the Jester, the querent is misguided and unwilling to work with others, in contrast to the Fool, who is compatible with everyone.

Appearances & PersonaEdit

Persona 4 GoldenEdit

The Hunger Arcana social link is represented by Tohru Adachi, though it is originally presented as the Jester Arcana (道化師, dōkeshi, "jester"). If the player ranks the link high enough and identifies Adachi as the killer, he is given the choice to reveal his suspicions or hide them. If he reveals his suspicions and later goes to confront Adachi alone, the Arcana reveals itself as the Hunger Arcana, and maxes as Hunger during the True Ending.

If the player hides his suspicions about Adachi and later assists Adachi in disposing of evidence incriminating him, the Social Link maxes as Jester, though the game ends on a new Bad Ending.

The game itself considers the Jester and Hunger Arcanas to be the same Arcana, so maxing out the Link in either way will allow you to summon Magatsu-Izanagi, the Ultimate Persona of the Jester/Hunger Arcana.

Persona Level
Gurr 20
Take-Minakata 27
Pale Rider 34
Loa 40
Baphomet 47
Kumbhanda 55
Chernobog 62
Seiten Taisei 68
Magatsu-Izanagi 77


  • The Jester is a prankster clown which is a variation of a Fool. Furthermore a Jester acts like a fool instead of genuinely being a fool. This is considered fitting for Adachi, considering his persona, Magatsu-Izanagi, is a variation of the Protagonist's Fool Persona, Izanagi

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