Iblis (イブリース, Iburiisu) is a demon in the series.


A demon made of flame whom, compared to others of his kind, was incredibly pious and praised God to his full extent, which gave him a place in heaven with the angels. When God made Adam, he commanded his angels to bow to his greatest creation, yet Iblis refused, stating "I am better than he: You did create me from fire, and him from clay," which God said "Get you down from it: it is not for you to be arrogant here: get out, for you are of the meanest (of creatures)." (Yusuf Ali translation)

Thus, Iblis was thrown out from heaven, cursed by God till the day of judgement, and Iblis asked for "respite" till the day the dead are raised, which God granted him respite till the day, which Iblis said that the Lord "put me in the wrong," "by Your power, I shall lead them all astray," throwing man off "the straight path" till the end, and God stated that if any humans follow Iblis, they shall be thrown into hell with Iblis, seven gates for the type of sin the humans have committed. For this reason he is seen as an equivalent to Satan/Lucifer.



Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Iblis faces off against Jin in the Snow Fields of Niflheim. He attempts to convince him to forget about Lena and return to his world and in return they would spare him. He fights Jin when he refuses. After defeat he reveals they captured her after learning about the Devil Childs like him, dying later. After beating the game Iblis can be found in Shugyōja Road.


Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
General Earth Boss 455 35 368 143
30 36 30 36 25 26
List of Skills
MarumaruGaia BusterSaigo no Ichigeki