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Ice Apostle (氷の使徒, Koori no shito) is a demon in the series.



Devil Children Fire/IceEdit

Ruler of the world of Ice, Niflheim. Ice Apostle was chosen in the past by Shugoshin to be the ruler of Niflheim and wield the power of Ice & Dark. He would lead the demons of Niflheim in an endless war against the angels of Muspelheim. In battle Ice Apostle has the power Ice Absorption, which lets him absorb ice based attacks.

After beating Fire Book, Ice Apostle can be found in his palace. Seeking to atone for his actions, he asks Jin to find his resurrected servants. Upon recruiting all of them, Jin can return to the Ice Apostle Palace, where he joins Jin's party in gratitude.


Devil Children Fire/IceEdit

Ice Apostle
Class Element Type Exp Level HP MP
King Ice Boss 691 41 435 210
40 37 40 38 39 36
List of Skills
HyouryuugaBufudyneYami no Shinpan

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