Ice Expanse DCMR

Ice Expanse World Map in Devil Children Messiah Riser

Ice Expanse (魔界 氷, Ice Makai), also known as DemIce and Ice Land (アイスランド) is a world in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children Black/Red BookEdit

Known as Ice Land, it is one of the smaller worlds that makes up the Expanse and is home to the Frost clan and Yeti's. The Tyrant Hel rules over the land with an iron fist. The second land Setsuna Kai and Mirai Kaname visit on their journey.

Devil Children White BookEdit

The third realm of the Expanse Masaki Kuzuha visits in his search for the cure to Shou Ougi's illness. King Frost has become the new Tyrant of Ice Makai upon Hel's death and rules fairly from the palace that Hel once resided in. The cure is obtained thanks to Dian Cecht. Later the Angels of Tenkai's army march upon the Ice Expanse and take over King Frosts palace, holding King Frost hostage.

DemiKids: Dark/Light VersionEdit

Known as DemIce, Akirain Dark Version must travel to the Ice Temple where King Frost resides in order to reach Valhalla. Light Version has Jin travel to the portal in the temple after saving Lucifer, where he learns of Drail's betrayal of the rebels.

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Akira travels through the Ice Expanse on his route. A Jack Frost will join the party after beating the mission that requires saving him. Jormungandr is the Imperium general faced in the Ice Temple.

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