Ice Icon IS Ice (氷結, hyōketsu)? is one of the elemental affinities in the series. It is one of the principal elements besides Fire, Electricity, Wind/Force, Light/Holy/Expel and Darkness/Death/Curse. Generally, Ice is opposed to the element Fire. All Ice spells have of chance of inflicting Freeze on the targets.

General SpellsEdit

  • Bufu is the general spell for the ice element. In Persona 2, Mabufu spells were omitted.
BufuLight1 enemy
MabufuLightAll enemies
BufulaMedium1 enemy
MabufulaMediumAll enemies
BufudyneHeavy1 enemy
MabufudyneHeavyAll enemies

Specific spellsEdit

Niflheim, meaning land of mists is the realm of ice and cold in Norse mythology. Ruled by Hel.

Name Power Target
Ice BreathLightRandom enemies
Absolute ZeroMedium1 Group/Random enemies
Glacial BlastHeavy1 Group/Random enemies
Release Jail *Heavy1 group of enemies
NiflheimMegaAll enemies

Game SpecificEdit

Shin Megami Tensei IIEdit

Ice BoundMediumAll foes

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey ExclusiveEdit

The shot and spray are skills on guns, which are less powerful and cost more than demon skills. Regardless, they do more damage (most of the time) due to having the gun's normal power as a boost.

Cold WorldHeavy (150), 15% chance to kill65All enemies
Mother EarthHeavy, heal HP. Boss onlyNAEntire Party
Bufu GateMega, bosses onlyNA1 party member
IceExtreme, Mem Aleph OnlyNAEntire Party
Ice ShotLight (100)61 Enemy
Frost ShotMedium (125)121 Enemy
Frigid ShotHeavy (150)201 Enemy
Ice SprayLight (50)18All enemies
Frost SprayMedium (75)36All enemies
Frigid SprayHeavy (100)60All enemies

Shin Megami Tensei IV ExclusiveEdit

  • No ice skill in Shin Megami Tensei IV inflicts Freeze, the ailment is absent from the game.
BreathMedium1-5 Multi -
RefrigerateWeak1-8 MultiDLC Skill
Hailstorm of GodHeavyAllIce Pierce

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers ExclusiveEdit

Loyal IceRelative to LoyaltyAll enemies
Aeon RainLightAll enemies
Roma GrandRelative to HPAll enemies

Megami Ibunroku Persona ExclusiveEdit

Gentle WaveMediumArea
Mighty WaveMediumArea

Persona 2 ExclusiveEdit

Atomic Bufula *VariesOne enemy
Diamond DustHeavy1 group of enemies

Eternal Punishment ExclusiveEdit

Absolute ZeroModerateGroup
Diamond DustModerate1 Group
Release Jail *Large1 Group
Blizzard BreathVaries by levelAll

Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth ExclusiveEdit

Icy Paradise *2-4 medium Ice attacksRandom enemies

Digital Devil Saga series ExclusiveEdit

  • Cocytus, meaning river of wailing was the river in the underworld on the banks in Greek mythology, and Fimbulvet is a reference to Fimbulvetr, the great harsh winter preceding Ragnarok in Norse Mythology.
Cold WaveModerate.Random enemies
Crystal DustModerate + High chance of freeze. (Frost Breath + 2 -kaja skills)Random enemies
CocytusModerate + High chance of freeze.Random enemies
CocytusMega (Bufudyne + 1-hit Phys)1 enemy.
FimbulvetMega w/ Freeze (Ice Amp + Elec Amp + Megido Skill)All enemies

Devil Survivor series ExclusiveEdit

Ice DanceMA DependantRandom

Persona skill cardsEdit

Innocent Sin
Bufu card IS
Bufu Card
Bufula card IS
Bufula Card
Frigid card IS
Frigid Card, which grants Bufudyne
Eternal Punishment
Bufu card EP
Bufu Card
Bufula card EP
Bufula Card
Ice card EP
Ice Card, which teaches Bufudyne

See AlsoEdit

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