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IMAGINE Ichigaya

Scenes from the Ichigaya Field, as seen in Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE

Ichigaya (市谷) is a location in the series.


Ichigaya is an area in the eastern portion of the Shinjuku region in Tokyo. It is where the headquarters of the JGSDF Eastern Army is located.



Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINEEdit

It was formerly a militarized zone that housed an SDF camp before the Great Cataclysm. The ICBMs turned it into a wasteland, and the appearance of an Obelisk soon filled it with lava as well.

Shin Megami Tensei IVEdit

This area houses a former Self-Defense Forces base, which has fallen under the control of the Ashura-kai. The Yamato Perpetual Reactor was here under the government's control before the ceiling rose. Several of the doors here go only one way and the path deeper in is blocked off by a barrier made by National Defense Divinities Omoikane and Michizane. The Gaeans are attempting to infiltrate it during the war, but whether they succeed or not depends on the routes of Jonathan or Walter. Yamato Takeru is faced in the vault where the Yamato Perpetual Reactor is housed by following Walter's path. In Jonathan's route, the dying Divinity mocks Tayama's corpse as he fades.

In Blasted Tokyo it is blocked off by a barrier that disappears after Pluto is defeated. The Samurai must once again traverse the area in order to go to leave Blasted Tokyo. The building's power is out and much darker compared to normal Tokyo. At the back, there are several portable cannons, one of which must be taken to Shinjuku as part of a quest.

In Infernal Tokyo, Kenji rules Tokyo from here. The base is used as a facility to turn people into Neurishers or Demonoids through surgery, with war breaking out 25 years after they started the process. On the second floor, shutters block the way further in, but will be removed once the Samurai are decontaminated by bowing before Kanbari in one room and sticking their hands out for Caladrius in another.

The Fuxi in the room beyond the shutters gives the key card to the elevator on this floor. Kenji is found in the vault where the Yamato Perpetual Reactor is at. After becoming King, Akira, some of his Demonoids, and the best Neurishers were brought here and reside in the rooms where the surgeries once took place.

On the Law and Neutral routes Lucifer Palace exists within Camp Ichigaya. It also in the room with the Yamato Perpetual Reactor that Walter is devoured by Hikaru to regain her power and is the place where Flynn and Walter arrive at in the Chaos route.

Persona 5Edit

Ichigaya is where protagonist can go fishing. The place is unlocked in July 3rd when Ryuji Sakamoto invites him there.


Ichigaya Obelisk
Ichigaya's Obelisk in Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE

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