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Ichiko Ohya
Ichiko Oya
Japanese Name 大宅 一子
Romaji Ōya Ichiko
First Appearance Persona 5
Arcana The Devil
Japanese VA Yumi Uchiyama
English VA Amanda Winn Lee
"Hey, how 'bout we do this... You supply me with info on the Phantom Thieves... And I'll write articles based on what you tell me about them. You know, the Phantom Thieves who you love oh-so-much... Deal?"
—Ichiko Ohya to the Protagonist, Persona 5

Ichiko Ohya is a character from Persona 5.



Ichiko has brown eyes, black hair resembling a bowl cut, and noticeably red lips.

She wears a pair of orange sunglasses on her hair, a black shirt with an illegible blue and pink design, a white long-sleeved shirt under the black shirt, and blue jeans. She also carries a pink fanny pack, a camera hanging from her neck, and a water bottle. Her shoes are black-and-white.

Profile Edit

Persona 5Edit

Ichiko is a paparazza in her mid-20s. She will write whatever story sells, even sometimes manipulating and twisting the information in her articles for the sake of clickbait and attention, and even if it means she doesn't have to take the time to properly research the truth. Her articles are full of fake news, disingenuous information and propaganda. She seems to have previously been a political reporter who fought against social evils.

The protagonist meets Ichiko inside a cross-dressing bar Newcomer in Shinjuku.


Ichiko's Confidant relationship can be unlocked by visiting her in Newcomer since June 23rd. All of her Confidant abilities subside security level in the Palace in progressive effectiveness which are helpful in avoiding surprise attack by the enemies when being discovered or being forced to retreat from the Palace when the security level reaches 100%.

The item received by maxing Ichiko's Confidant is a top secret memo, which can receive all rumor scoop benefits.

1June 23rdScoop of RumorSubsides Palace security level and boosts reduction of security level the next time of venture.
4?Shocking ScoopSubsides Palace security level much more and further boosts reduction of security level the next time of venture.
7?Frightening ScoopGreatly subsides security level and remarkably reduces security level the next time of venture.
10?Legendary ScoopHugely subsides security level and resets security level the next time of venture.

Gallery Edit

P5 portrait of Ichiko Oya
Ichiko Ohya's portrait
Ichiko after Valentine's Day.

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