Iida is a supporting character from Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei.


Personality Edit

Iida is a good, well-meaning teacher, but he is also rather cowardly and, like most of his colleagues, turns a blind eye to the social tensions between the school's "Normal" and "Gifted" students. His and other teachers' passivity in regards to these problems served to fuel Nakajima's frustration with the school system.

That said, Iida was protective of his students when he could be. He barely thought of his own well-being when Kondo and Kyoko were being attacked by the hypnotized students. Only after they died did his behavior shift from trying to protect his students to self-defense.

Iida was utterly shocked at Nakajima's behavior when the killings began and did not tell on Nakajima when he found him in the computer room. This indicates that, contrary to what Nakajima thought, Iida had some liking for his student (or at least, his intellect).


Digital Devil Story: Megami TenseiEdit

Iida is a professor at Jusho High School.

As Akemi Nakajima prepares to activate his Demon Summoning Program in the school's computer room, the professor finds him out. He is at first relieved to see that it is only Nakajima in the computer room, but becomes outraged when he notices the pentagrams in the room.

Nakajima calmly explains the concept of the Demon Summoning Program to the professor, and how he plans to dispose of Kondo Hiroyuki and Kyoko Takamizawa with it.

Iida attempts to convince Nakajima that he can have the students who assaulted him investigated and expelled, but Nakajima tells him that teachers turn a blind eye to things like that too often and runs the program anyway. There is a tremor caused by Loki shortly thereafter, which spooks the professor. Highly disturbed, Iida leaves the room and tries to erase the memory from his mind.

The next week, he is teaching a computer class including Nakajima and Kyoko. He notices Nakajima staring at him, having apparently earned the student's disdain. When a voice saying "Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh" begins to emanate from the room's speakers, Iida assumes that it is Nakajima's doing and moves to stop him, but other students, now hypnotized, trip the professor and pin him to the floor. Others leave to summon Kondo Hiroyuki, Nakajima's second target.

As the students begin to surround Kyoko, Iida warns her to run, but she ignores him and pulls out a razor blade. She is ultimately overpowered and killed. When Kondo comes into the room, he fights the students in a rage after seeing what's left of Kyoko. Iida watches helplessly as the outnumbered Kondo is eventually also killed. As the students wound him and close in on him, Iida notices slight hesitation in Nakajima's face, which prompts him to plead for his life. It is in vain, however, as Nakajima ultimately chooses to leave the room.

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