The initial Persona (初期ペルソナ, Shoki Perusona)? is the Persona that represents the most inner thought of its host. As a beginning Persona, its ability is usually relatively weak, so the mythological or historic figure that the Persona takes form is often less significant in the respective mythology or history, though there is some exception.

As the Persona "closest" to the user, the initial Persona will always be able to be summoned by the user, even if they previously returned it or transformed it into another Persona, as shown by Yukino Mayuzumi, Kei Nanjo and Eriko Kirishima having regained their initial Personas in the Persona 2 duology and the Investigation Team having regained their initial Personas in Persona 4 Arena.


List of Initial PersonasEdit

Megami Ibunroku PersonaEdit

ProtagonistEmperorSeimen Kongou
Maki SonomuraPriestessMaso
Masao InabaChariotOgun
Kei NanjoHierophantAizen Myouou
Eriko KirishimaJudgementNike
Hidehiko UesugiJusticeNemhain
Yuka AyaseMagicianHouri
Reiji KidoDevilBres
Yukino MayuzumiEmpressVesta

Persona 2Edit

Innocent SinEdit

  • This is the first game in the series which has the more uniformed origins of signature Personas of the playable characters from only the Greek and Roman mythologies.
Tatsuya SuouSunVulcanus
Eikichi MishinaDeathRhadamanthus
Lisa SilvermanLoversEros
Maya AmanoMoonMaia
Yukino MayuzumiEmpressVesta
Jun KurosuFortuneHermes

Eternal PunishmentEdit

Maya AmanoMoonMaia
Ulala SerizawaStarCallisto
Katsuya SuouJusticeHelios
BaofuHanged ManOdysseus
Kei NanjoHierophantAizen Myouou
Eriko KirishimaJudgementNike

Tsumi to BatsuEdit

Kazumi KibaHierophantYama
Rihito ShimizuJudgementArchangel

Persona 3Edit

  • All initial Personas of the playable characters are solely from the Greek mythology with Lucia being the odd one out.
Female protagonist
Yukari TakebaLoversIo
Junpei IoriMagicianHermes
Akihiko SanadaEmperorPolydeuces
Fuuka YamagishiPriestessLucia
Mitsuru KirijoEmpressPenthesilea
Koromaru *StrengthCerberus
Ken AmadaJusticeNemesis
Shinjiro Aragaki *HierophantCastor
Metis *HierophantPsyche
* These characters never have their initial Persona evolved or gain more powerful ones.

Persona 4Edit

  • This is the first game in the Persona series features all initial Personas from the ancient Japanese scriptures or beliefs.
Yosuke HanamuraMagicianJiraiya
Chie SatonakaChariotTomoe
Yukiko AmagiPriestessKonohana Sakuya
Kanji TatsumiEmperorTake-Mikazuchi
Rise KujikawaLoversHimiko
Naoto ShiroganeFortuneSukuna-Hikona

Persona 5Edit

  • This is the first game to feature initial Personas mostly from modern fictions or historical figures, whether proven or contested.
Ryuji SakamotoChariotCaptain Kidd
Ann TakamakiLoversCarmen
Yusuke KitagawaEmperorGoemon
Makoto NiijimaPriestessJohanna
Futaba SakuraHermitNecronomicon
Haru OkumuraEmpressMilady
Goro Akechi*JusticeRobin Hood
* Goro Akechi doesn't have an evolved Persona, but rather he has another initial Persona, Loki, revealed later in the story.

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