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Japanese Name イザボー
Romaji Izabō
First Appearance Shin Megami Tensei IV
Age 18
Affiliation Samurai
Alignment Neutral
Japanese VA Miyuki Sawashiro
English VA Eden Riegel
"The one I'm reading currently takes place in a fictional kingdom known as France."
—Isabeau, Shin Megami Tensei IV

Isabeau is a character from Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Appearances Edit

Personality Edit

Isabeau comes from the family of Luxurors and is a veracious young woman with a strong mind. She is strong willed yet dignified, and there is a side of her the others must never discover. For this reason, Walter calls her "iron mask" which does not please her at all.

Despite her strength of character, Isabeau's solitary flaw is her lack of conviction. She leaves the decision-making to someone else, often opting to take a neutral stance when it comes to complicated situations.

Though Isabeau bears a stoic and no-nonsense personality she secretly harbors a great love for Manga, especially ones that involve a strong female lead in male garb that actively participates in events who later falls in love with her male lead companion. This is brought up a few times where Isabeau admits that she desired to find more Manga of the series she's currently reading so that she could finish it even as they're on a journey of great importance.

Isabeau will even shield herself from spoilers by covering her ears or leaving behind a Manga issue that is much father ahead than she has currently progressed upon it to prevent herself from falling to temptation. Isabeau also is willing to ask, if on Neutral, if Flynn is fine with her reading the final issue of her Manga before continuing their journey. If he agrees she happily reads it, hugs it, and than packs it away after talking about the ending a bit with Flynn and how sad she is that the lovers could only unite in death in the end.

Another thing about Isabeau is that she's quite awkward around boys her age due to how they seem to only talk about themselves. Due to this she keeps her distance but early on she takes an interest in Flynn when he beats them in their early Samurai trials. This interest would eventually grow to full blown affection as they continue their journey with Isabeau placing far more care towards Flynn and always siding with Flynn's opinions over Walter and Jonathan.

However, Isabeau will make a stand in what she feels is morally wrong. If Flynn follows the paths of Law or Chaos she will oppose them on her own as a Samurai and demand that Flynn face her as an equal. When she's defeated Isabeau reveals her own affections towards Flynn as well as her desire to have remained by his side. To spare him any more pain she takes her own life. This was done so that his hands wouldn't be stained with her blood thus showing the true extent of her feelings as even when she disagreed with Flynn she didn't desire for him to suffer.

Though if Flynn had chosen the path of Neutrality than Isabeau wakes him and reveals that she looked everywhere for him after expressing how glad she is that he has awakened at last and is safe. Isabeau will then beg Flynn not to send her away but to allow her to remain by his side as he's the only one she can turn to as the war between angels and demons begins, to which Flynn agrees. Later when learning of the truth about Flynn's destiny and speaking with Masakado, Isabeau reveals that this was the path she desired all along - a path of Neutrality where neither extreme is taken and the people of Tokyo and Mikado are both saved.

Isabeau's strong love for Mikado's people is later shown after the defeat of Merkabah when she works hard to save everyone in Mikado by getting them to evacuate even when they initially doubt her words. Though Isabeau is obviously conflicted about not being able to accompany Flynn as he goes to face Lucifer she knows her skills are best used to aid the people of Mikado and to leave the final battles to Flynn whom she will wait for his return at Cafe Florida.

Profile Edit

Shin Megami Tensei IV Edit

Isabeau is a new prentice and the lone lady of the newly recruited Samurai. Her family have been Monks for generations and a monk in the monastery mentions she goes there often to pray. She is surprised at the true nature of their duty which was never taught to her by her father. She decides to take part in the challenges made by Navarre alongside the others and later comes to Flynn's aid against the Hooded Man. She tells the Hooded man he was wrong to underestimate them simply because they are Prentices. She decides to continue aiding her fellows after the battle in order to heal Navarre after Walter is done with him.

She often declines to hang out with her fellow prentice Samurai. After eating breakfast at Lake Mikado, Flynn can come across her at the bakery, where she is learning about literature from the Baker. Surprised at seeing Flynn, she asks that he keep their meeting a secret and apologizes for declining opportunities to hang out with her fellow prentices, as she is used to boys her age being full of themselves. In exchange for keeping it a secret she promises to improve her disposition.

Later that night she is on the rooftop and the boys decide to spy on her to learn what she's up to. She gets the jump on them by appearing from behind Walter. She reveals to the others that she is reading a manga that takes place in a fictional kingdom called France, and is loving the story she is reading about a woman dressed in male garb who has fallen for her male companion. She is the first one of the prentices to see the fire from Kiccigiorgi.

After the decree for the capture of the Black Samurai, Isabeau is in front of the blackboard at K's tavern and reveals to Flynn that the Monastery has a hidden motive of wanting to collect ancient, priceless relics from the Unclean Ones country, which they can do while ordering them to hunt the Black Samurai. After hearing the others plan on going, she decides to come along.

When they finally tracked down the Black Samurai, Isabeau attempts to tune her out when she tries to spoil the ending to the manga Isabeau likes. She carries the last of the masked men from Kagome Tower and is embarrassed at seeing another man who wasn't her father naked. Like Walter, she falters at the request by Gabby to murder the Black Samurai who had already been killed, when their Code is to protect the people. After learning what Red Pills are made of, she is influenced by Yaso Magatsuhi's gas, and makes a bad pun about demons before running off. She cuts off Jonathan when he attempts to explain what Flynn did, embarrassed by what they saw.

Before Flynn chooses to go with either Jonathan to kill Lilith or Walter to meet her, she says that she cannot come with them and that she is worried about Skins and Fujiwara, wishing to have time to think of the best way to help everyone. She can be found in Obelisk Plaza afterwards, thinking about whether there is a best choice for everyone. She appears after Flynn joins Walter or Jonathan and states that she can not go with him, still having much to think about. She tells them to take care before leaving.

Isabeau's final fate depends on what alignment path is chosen in the endgame. If Flynn allies with either Law or Chaos, then when he next meets Isabeau, she reveals that she will oppose him on her own upon what she views as morally wrong. The fight is unavoidable with Isabeau demanding that Flynn face her as an equal - as a Samurai. During the fight she severely berates Flynn upon the malicious acts he's trying to accomplish and even when bloody and beaten she will get up multiple times to try and stop Flynn. After defeating her, she admits that her true desire was to stay by Flynn's side and, not wanting Flynn to become traumatized by killing her himself, takes her life herself by slashing her own throat.

If, however, Flynn follows the Neutral path, Isabeau becomes an ally, helping Flynn to restore Masakado's power, as well as to defeat Merkabah. After Merkabah's demise Isabeau reluctantly allows Flynn to fight Lucifer with only Masakado supporting him as she must oversee the evacuation of Mikado for when Masakado regains his full power.

Upon the defeat of Lucifer by Flynn she awaits his return at Florida along with Fujiwara and the others. Here she welcomes him back and is glad that he's safe. After things settle down a bit the pair than head over and hand the spheres to Masakado who devours them thus restoring his power. With his power restored Masakado removes the ceiling over Tokyo as Isabeau watches at Flynn's side as the sun shines upon Tokyo once more thus opening it to the rest of the world.


Guest allyEdit

As a guest teammate in battle, she uses a normal attack and the Zio line of spells. If any teammate is critically wounded or under the effect of a status ailment, she will use healing spells.

Human Inherit*
Physical Phys Gun Gun Fire Fire Ice Ice Elec Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
- - - - - - Null -
Ailment resistance Null: all
Normal attack Physical, 1 hit, 1 enemy
List of Skills
Skill Effect Level
Patra Removes sleep, panic and bind from one ally. 1~99
Posumudi Removes poison and sick from one ally. 1~99
Sukukaja Buffs party's agility by 1 level. Does not affect Isabeau herself. 1~99
Dia Restores small amount of HP to one ally. 1~20
Diarama Restores medium amount of HP to one ally. 21~50
Mediarama Restores medium amount of HP to all allies. Does not heal Isabeau herself. 51~99
Zio Weak elec damage to one foe. 1~20
Zionga Medium elec damage to one foe. 21~50
Mazio Weak elec damage to all foes. 21~50
Ziodyne Heavy elec damage to one foe. 51~99
Mazionga Medium elec damage to all foes. 51~99


Isabeau is fought in a boss battle if player chooses either the Law or Chaos routes. Her skill repertoire is the same in either route, but she is slightly stronger in the Law route and the female demons she summons are different. In the Law route she summons demons of the Chaos alignment, and vice versa.

Chaos routeEdit

Isabeau summons Jeanne D'Arc, Valkyrie and Pallas Athena to fight alongside her.

Human 71 4573 2058
Physical Phys Gun Gun Fire Fire Ice Ice Elec Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
- - - - - - Null Null
Ailment resistance Resist: all
Normal attack Physical, 1 hit, 1 enemy Turn icon 1
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Dekaja Negates all stat buffs from all foes.
Riot Gun Severe gun damage to one foe.
Myriad Arrows 2 to 4 hits of weak gun damage to multiple foes.

Law routeEdit

Isabeau summons Kali, Isis and Dakini to fight alongside her.

Human 75 4794 2157
Physical Phys Gun Gun Fire Fire Ice Ice Elec Elec Force Force Light Light Dark Dark
- - - - - - Null Null
Ailment resistance Resist: all
Normal attack Physical, 1 hit, 1 enemy Turn icon 1
List of Skills
Skill Effect
Dekaja Negates all stat buffs from all foes.
Riot Gun Severe gun damage to one foe.
Myriad Arrows 2 to 4 hits of weak gun damage to multiple foes.


SMTIV Isabeau Design
Early design for Isabeau
SMTIV Isabeau Design 2
More early Isabeau designs
Isabeau Gene
Isabeau as she appears in Demonic Gene
Shin Megami Tensei IV Illustration by Mutsumi Inomata
Illustration of Isabeau by Mutsumi Inomata


  • Similar to the heroine of the first Shin Megami Tensei, Isabeau learns to use the healing and electric spells.
  • While never stated by name, the manga series she reads is The Rose of Versailles. In Demonic Gene, she even references characters from the manga by name.
  • Isabeau's name might be a reference to Isabeau d'Anjou, one of the protagonists of the 1985 film Ladyhawke. This theory is further reinforced by the fact that the names of Navarre and King Aquila are also references to said movie.

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