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Persona 3 - Iwatodai Station02:29

Persona 3 - Iwatodai Station

Sample track.

Iwatodai Dorm is a song from Persona 3. It is the thirteenth track on the Persona 3 Original Soundtrack and plays in the dormitory until December 31 and is then replaced by "Living With Determination – Iwatodai Dormitory Arrange-". The track is also featured in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Lyrics Edit

Some dances wanna put you in a trance,
Let's party, let the boogie hit your body,
Move everybody, move that body,
Make sure you don't hurt nobody,

I say hey, hey, hey,
Fueling the fire with a burning desire, yeah,
Get up off of that thing,
Dance and shake, yo let's swing,
Come on, girl, let me rock your world

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