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Okumura Palace is a location in Persona 5.


Persona 5Edit

A world within the Palace created by Kunikazu Okumura. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts make him a target after discovering through a bug installed in Sae Niijima's laptop that Okumura's business has benefited from the psychological disturbances that occured in Tokyo and after they see how a request of changing his heart suddenly gains large amount of support. It appears as a space station on Earth's orbit with fast food imagery throughout, representing Okumura's status as the president of Big Bang Burger and his willfully oblivious attitude towards his daughter Haru on his goal to gain power and influence in Japan's politis. It is inhabited by robotics workers and managers, Cognitive existences that embody Okumura's view of seeing them only as a labor. The thieves meet Haru in the Palace who later reveals that she wants to change his father only to avoid the arranged marriage between her and the son of a powerful politician.


  • Okumura's Treasure is a science fiction board game he used to play as a child which takes the form of a mysterious glowing orb with a metallic shell inside the Palace. When the Phantom Thieves found it, Okumura activates a timer of the self-destruct mechanism and takes the orb away in order to lure the Thieves into trap. Morgana, however, saves the Thieves and after his defeat, Shadow Okumura deactivates the timer.

List of EnemiesEdit

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