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Persona 5 Kamishida palace entrance

Entrance of Kamoshida's Palace

Kamoshida's Palace is a location in Persona 5.


Persona 5Edit

  • Available: April 11 (tutorial), April 18 (mission)
  • Deadline: May 2
  • Owner: Suguru Kamoshida

A world within the Palace created by Suguru Kamoshida. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts plan a heist to steal Kamoshida's heart in order to prevent the protagonist's expulsion. Shadow Suguru initially imprisons the protagonist and Ryuji Sakamoto within, where they meet Morgana, who explains the other "students" in the jail cells and Suguru's harem are Cognitive existences who are not actually alive, but replicas born from how Suguru views the volleyball team-ie, as slaves to do his bidding and increase his prestige, or sex objects.


  • Kamoshida's Treasure is his Olympic gold medal which takes the shape of a royal crown. The Phantom Thieves sell the medal to Munehisa Iwai and use that money to celebrate in a hotel restaurant.

List of EnemiesEdit



Kamoshida’s Palace Concept Art P5
Concept art of Kamoshida’s Palace in Persona 5
Kamoshida’s Palace Concept Art P5 02
Concept art of Kamoshida’s Palace prison in Persona 5
P5 manga Kamoshida Palace
Kamoshida Palace appears in the manga adaption.


  • Kamoshida's Palace is likely a reference to Yukiko's Castle. It has black-and-white checkered floors and a red carpet with gold edges. However, instead of a princess searching for her "prince", it is now a king searching for his queen.
  • The way all male student prisoners are tortured with cruel physical training machines alludes to Michiko Matsudaira's abuse to two physically incapable male schoolmates in the Snow Queen Quest of Megami Ibunroku Persona.
    • It is also a reference to how Kamoshida arranged for Ryuji to be dismissed from the track team by breaking his legs during a "training session".

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