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Kaneshiro Bank is a location in Persona 5.



Persona 5Edit

Kaneshiro Bank is a world within the Palace created by Junya Kaneshiro. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts plan a heist to steal Kaneshiro's heart in order to prevent a photo leak. It appears as a massive bank floating in the sky, representative of Kaneshiro's elitism and desire for wealth for the sake of wealth. It is inhabited by humanoid ATM machines, Cognitive existences that embody Kaneshiro's disregard for other people, seeing only them as a source of income.


  • Kaneshiro's Treasure is his golden briefcase which takes the shape of several giant gold bars stored inside Butatron, the mechanical piggy bank that assisted Shadow Kaneshiro during the battle against the Phantom Thieves.

List of EnemiesEdit


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