Kaneshiro's Palace floating above Shibuya.

Kaneshiro's Palace, also known as the Bank of Gluttony, is a location in Persona 5. It is the Palace of Junya Kaneshiro.



Persona 5Edit

Kaneshiro's Palace is a world within the Metaverse created by Junya Kaneshiro. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts plan a heist to steal Kaneshiro's heart in order to prevent a photo leak. Unlike the previous two Palaces, Kaneshiro's Palace encompasses nearly all of Shibuya drowned in a dark-green atmosphere. A massive bank floating in the air sucking bank notes from the ground, representative of Kaneshiro's elitism, confidence in not getting caught by the police and desire for wealth for the sake of wealth. The entire Palace area, both the ground and Bank, are filled with ATM Cognitive existences that embody Kaneshiro's disregard for other people, seeing only them as a source of income. Each ATM seems to embody a specific person he is extorting for his wealth. The physical conditions of each ATM seems to reflect that person's current financial state. Once a person has lost most of their money, the ATMs become more and more damaged until they fall over dead on the side of the road.



Makoto opening Kaneshiro's Treasure

Kaneshiro's Treasure is his golden briefcase which takes the shape of several giant gold bars stored inside Piggytron, the mechanical piggy bank that assisted Shadow Kaneshiro during the battle against the Phantom Thieves. The Phantom Thieves take the briefcase into Cafe Leblanc where Makoto Niijima opens the lock by remembering its number combination when she saw it opened in Kaneshiro's club. They find it full of notes from "Children's Bank" which have Shadow Kaneshiro's portrait, symbolizing how Kaneshiro only tried to look like a powerful person. They sell the briefcase and use that money to celebrate at an expensive sushi restaurant located in Ginza.

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Kaneshiro Palace
The vault near the end of the dungeon


  • The PIN codes are:
    • PIN #1: RICH = 0102
    • PIN #2: REAP = 0931
    • PIN #3: HUGE = 2319
    • PIN #4: GOLD = 1841