Kenichi Takai is a character in Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei.



Takai is strong-bodied and highly intelligent, obtaining perfect or near-perfect grades in almost every class. Despite his superior grades compared to Nakajima, Takai still feels that his friend is more intelligent than him as a result of Nakajima's genius-level skill with computers.

He practices judo as a sport and is proficient at it, but lacks the courage to actually fight, as evidenced when Kondo attacks Nakajima in the classroom and Takai does not intervene, despite the worried look on his face. Takai feels immensely guilty by not helping Nakajima, indicating that he has a sensitive nature. Yumiko Shirasagi considers him to be a quietly wise and affable guy.


Digital Devil Story: Megami TenseiEdit

Takai is a student of Jusho High School, belonging to the "gifted" class. He is a classmate of Akemi Nakajima's and is one of the former's very few friends. He witnesses Kondo Hiroyuki's brutal physical attack on Nakajima at the beginning of the novel, but is too afraid to stick up for his friend. After the attack, he helps prop the wounded Nakajima up on the way home .

Nakajima explains to Takai that the reason for the beat-down was that he had recently turned down the advances of Kyoko Takamizawa, who had told Kondo that Nakajima had been flirting with her. Following the activation of Nakajima's Demon Summoning Program, Takai becomes possessed and attacks Yumiko Shirasagi together with some other students. His ultimate fate is left unknown, but his death is confirmed in the second novel.

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