Persona 2 Innocent Sin ending theme 'Kimi No Tonari' (Next to You)04:09

Persona 2 Innocent Sin ending theme 'Kimi No Tonari' (Next to You)

Kimi no Tonari.

Kimi no Tonari (君のとなり), Japanese for "Next to You" or "By Your Side", is the ending theme song for Persona 2: Innocent Sin. It was composed by Hitomi. The song was released in the album thermo plastic in October 13, 1999, and reached the top 2 of Oricon.

Although the song was not included in the PSX soundtrack, several in-game tracks are re-arrangements of its theme and credited to hitomi, they are "Mt. Katatsumuri", "Main Theme A", "Main Theme B" and both city map themes arranged by Toshiko Tasaki, Masaki Kurokawa, and Kenichi Tsuchiya.

In the remake of the game, the song is called "By Your Side" and is slightly shorter than the original, while adding an instrumental version of it as well.



Kikoeteru uta ga kokoro wo yurugasete
kokoro ga kezurarete
Hadaka no mama no jibun ga genkaku kanjite
kokoro wo kayowasete

Itsumo onaka wo sukasete hitori de aruku shoujo
Hito to onaji shunkan ni warau no ga KIRAI dakara
Ai-tte kotoba ga naku naranai you ni
Maiorita maiorita tenshi

Imasugu ni waratte agemashou
imasugu ni utatte agemashou
Shoujo kara otona ni naru sono shunkan ni
Tomoshibi tozasanu you ni

Susanda kawa de yumemiru minikui AHIRU no ko
Kitto sugao motomete kokoro no kamen hazushite
Itsu shika shiroi tsubasa ni tsunagaru you ni
Hikari hanachi furisosogu hoshi ni

Imasugu ni waratte agemashou
imasugu ni utatte agemashou
Eien ni hikari kagayaku yume mitsume
Aruite yukeru you ni

Ai wa hora koko ni aru kono chibusa de hane iyashi
Shoujo wa mata arukidasu hateshinaku tsuzuku michi e

repeat (*)
repeat (**)
repeat (***)


  • Note: this is an unofficial translation

The song I can hear makes my heart shake
My heart is scraped away
While I am naked I feel the illusion
It passes through my heart

A girl who is always hungry walks alone
Because she hates to smile at the same second as others
In order to not lose the word 'love'
An angel slowly fluttered down

Soon I'll smile for you
Soon I'll sing for you
In that moment when a girl becomes a woman
To keep the light from going out

In the wild river there is a dreaming ugly duckling
Surely it desires a true face as it removes the mask of its heart
All of a sudden as if it were given white wings
The light is released from a falling star

Soon I'll smile for you
Soon I'll sing for you
Gazing at a dream that shines forever
So that I can keep walking and living

Look, love is right here
Winged intention in my chest
The girl will walk again
To a road that never ends

repeat (*)
repeat (**)
repeat (***)

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