Tokyo Revelation - Kojiro

Kojiro Souma

Kojiro Souma (相馬小次郎) is the protagonist of Tokyo Revelation. He is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa in the Japanese version and Steven Blum (Credited as David Lucas) in the English dub.



From his youth, Kojiro has held a long interest in the occult and is shown to regularly read books on the subject. In elementary school, he protected Akito Kobayashi from bullies and together they decided to summon demons to get them back. The summoning, however, failed and they lost touch over time. He lives together with his parents and his younger brother Sanshirou Souma, as well as his pet dog Patra. He is generally well-mannered and doesn't try to cause trouble, but he is troubled by a series of dreams where a voice calls for him to awaken to his reincarnated state. He's watched over by a young witch by the name of Kyouko Shibusawa, who offers him her support, without explaining the reasoning why.

At the time of Tokyo Revelation, Kojiro is in his second year of high school at Kichijouji Seijou Gakuen and is assistant editor of the school's newspaper. While his skills and knowledge of the occult have grown over the years, his expertise with computers is lacking. It is at this point he is reunited with Akito when Akito transfers into his school. Akito seems different to Kojiro, but what draws his attention is Akito's assertion he has been able to summon demons.

He puts this out of his mind until he is attacked by Cerberus while returning from a friend's parents' wake. He survives thanks to a priest's intervention, but doesn't remember much of the encounter. When he returns home, he finds his younger brother has been sucked into a Demon Summoning Program. He follows after him and is caught in Gagyson's trap. Despite Cerberus' help, he dies and is brought back to life with Kyouko's powers. However, this awakens Masakado within him. Masakado sees Ose's awakening and engages him in battle. He is unable to out-damage Ose's regeneration until Akito sacrifices himself to stop the flow of Magnetite into Ose. He destroys him and Masakado is quieted by the reincarnation of Konohana Sakuya as she flies to meet him.


Tokyo Revelation - Kojiro Manga
Kojiro as he appears in the manga
Tokyo Revelation - Kojiro Child
Kojiro as a child
Tokyo Revelation - Kojiro Transformation
Kojiro transforming into Masakado
Tokyo Revelation - Kojiro as Masakado
Kojiro as Masakado

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